Kourtney Kardashian’s Photoshoot at 40!

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Tex Hollywood - March 11, 2020

The Kardashians represent everything that is wrong in the world. So it is hard for me to hype them up and continue the fake news, fake relevance, huge successes they had. I guess I am just not drawn to that kind of family. The money grubbing, manipulating the media, pushing product, often times irresponsibly on people, all while being vain, disgusting, misguided. The whole living in excess, being rich, is not enough for me to be interested in them.

Not to mention, they have inspired young girls to get all kinds of cosmetic procedures because they are so fake. Everything they do is so fake.

But Kourtney at 40 in this photoshoot is real, or real enough, I am sure it is photoshopped and I am sure she's using the family dermatologist to jack her face up.

She does look good, but it's hard to really know if it is her or a cartoon version of her.

It is safe to say this is as NICE as I can be to a Kardashian. They've just gone on too far, too long, to not inherently disdain them, boobs or not.

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