Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa Flashing Long Tall Legs at L.A. Fashion Week

Fashion is boring. There, I said it. It’s out there now, I can’t take it back. Skin is exciting. I’m never taking that back. So fashion becomes at least tolerable when the hottie likes of Joanna Krupa is showing off her long legs in a high slit skirt at L.A. Fashion Week.

I’d rather watch paint dry, all seven coats, then ever be forced to listen to anybody discuss hot new fashion trends, but I suppose I could listen to the Spotify that plays in my mind and tune out the conversation were I aside Joanna in that stem-complimenting outfit. I can attest to Joanna looking just in smoking hot in person as on camera. I’d someday like to attest to how great her thighs taste in that same regard. Still efforting. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Bikini Body Continues To Be Killer in Blue

I can’t imagine what it would be to live next door to Joanna Krupa. I’m not saying that I would be peeking over my fence daily with binoculars, because there’d probably be a couple days a year when I might be away, but most every day most certainly. How could you not be leering at the hot neighbor lady in her bikinis by the pool seemingly endlessly preening about in her yard, not so much building any suntan as merely showing the world how she’s clearly the hottest housewife in the fold.

Ah, the life of a model and wife and business woman in the business of being hot. I surely do admire Joanna, beginning with her bum and working out from there. Every adventure needs a starting point. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Bikini Pictures Present a Bumside to Be Cherished

Oh, Joanna Krupa, you have done it again. Caused my heart to skip a beat as I polish, err, Polish up my lust gears in honor of your ridiculously hot bikini body.

Joanna’s black whale tail provides the perfect canvas to highlight her tightly toned butt cheeks which she so generously shows off for us by the pool in Miami. This is one of her favorite exhibition grounds and she knows exactly how to work it. Backside, frontside, bent over, upright, sideways, and all the way around her 360-degrees of sextastic. I love that Joanna lives in a place where it’s bikini season all year round. Bless you tropical climates. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Legs Make Me Happy to be a Leg Man

When Joanna Krupa puckers her lips and sticks out her tight toned gam from beneath her dress, I get a little misty. Actually, maybe that’s just plain moist. I’m not sure, I just know as a bona fide leg man, I feel like my collection of blessed lower appendage visuals has just increased by a sextastic fold.

Before I met Joanna Krupa, I lusted heartily. Now that I’ve met her, I merely am mostly fully entranced. While I’ve certainly obsessed over various of her heavenly parts, there’s no shirking my duties to point out her lust-inducing legs. Strong, sleek, and maybe someday ready to choke me out. A boy can dream. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa See-Through in Red Dress

I’m pretty sure Joanna Krupa has a crush on me since we met up last month. Her lack of phone calls, emails, and texts lead me to believe she just can’t face the truth of her feelings toward me. Like, shut me out because she can’t possible shut it off. And being a married woman now, I understand that. There are any number of hotties in Hollywood who completely ignore me I have to assume for this very same reason. My logic seems sound.

Still, I can’t ignore them back. Not sextastic ladies like Joanna Krupa who love the sheer dresses when getting decked out for pimping time in Vegas. That’s when we separate the women from the girls, sometimes literally. And Joanna knows perfectly well how to play the game. Killer red dress, lots of skin, alluring smile, and the next thing you know, the Bellagio owns your house. Everything happens a little faster in Vegas. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa In A Low Cut Dress In Beverly Hills

Joanna Krupa Flashes Her Braless Hotness in a Shimmering Manner

Joanna Krupa is a very put together woman. A hottie who isn’t missing many details when she hits the scene to make a scene. So I’m quite sure she realizes she wasn’t wearing any undergarments, at least up top, maybe the bottom, beneath her sheer and shimmering dress out in Hollywood. I for one could not be happier.

Yes, I’m slightly biased toward Joanna because of the obvious sexual attraction she felt toward me when we met a couple a weeks ago. A force so powerful she was clearly unable to speak it, let alone show it in any way whatsoever. But she certainly is a looker of the highest order. A blonde model of perfection who I dream of skinny dipping with in a very tiny bathtub. No bras required there either. Enjoy.

P.S. We didn’t miss out on Joanna earlier in the day having lunch with her Houswife buddy, Joyce Giraud who almost fell out of her own top.