Bombshell Lili Reinhart for Jalouse

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Echo Lawrence - March 17, 2020

Lili Reinhart who you know as Betty from Riverdale, which as far as I am concerned is the worst show on TV that I for some reason or another have seen 99% of the episodes of, not in a guilty pleasure kind of way, but in a "How the hell is this on TV" kind of way. They had a solid enough first season, you know a teen murder mystery kind of thing, that makes me think they didn't prepare for a season 2-5, yet they are on season 4 and it is one giant badly written mess.

What I do know is that Betty is substantially hotter than Veronica on the show, so there's no real competition like there was in the comics, and I also know, what you can see here and that is that Betty is pretty busty which makes the show even more tolerable despite sucking.

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