Jessica-Jane Clement

Jessica-Jane Clement Stellar Hot in Red at ‘Flight’ Premiere in London

Damn! Just utter udder hotness from Jessica-Jane Clement on the red carpet for the U.K. premiere of Flight last night. Talk about striking a pose. It’s one of those moments as a cameraman where you run the risk of being so overwhelmed, you forget to snap a photo. But, thankfully, some paps did as the striking hot brunette and her body-to-die-for performed a perfect 10 in cleavetastic catwalks down the premiere line.

Now, we happen to believe that Jessica-Jane Clement is one of the hottest women in the world. And if you can leer at her on the red carpet last night and not feel the same, we’d ask you to take a second look. Enjoy.

Jessica-Jane Clement Nekkid For Playboy Honors Classic Au Natural Hotness

Jessica-Jane Clement Goes Nekkid for Playboy Plus Photoshoot
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See Tons of Celebrity Hotties Nekkid on PlayboyPlusSometimes our readers contribute content, and sometimes, like EgoReader ‘T.H.’, they just remind us of super hot shit we forgot about because we drink too much, sleep too little, and, let’s be honest, our baseline IQs weren’t all that strong to begin wtih.

Our lust for Jessica-Jane Clement runs as strong and deep and molten lava hot as any active geological disturbance on this planet, but as T.H reminded us, and in tribute to the au natural hotness of the day, Jessica-Jane was perhaps, nay, indeed, even hotter a few years ago before her boobtastic augmentation, when she was slender smaller cupped super sextastic model.

To prove our point, our friends at PlayboyPlus, who continue to offer our readers a 50% discount on annual memberships, have ponied up this blessedly hot nekkid pictorial of Jessica-Jane Clement pre-90210 work, and it is just spectacular. Enjoy.

Jessica-Jane Clement Lingerie Pictures Undress for an Evening of Wicked Fun

Jessica-Jane Clement is one of the girls we put in our super-hottie list, which as a technical qualifier really only means that we’d take her to dinner at a place where we have no coupons before making any moves on her. Yep, she’s that special.

And in the new edition of Nuts magazine, Jessica-Jane Clement, the brunette sextastic glamour model and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here contestant puts on a display of wicked hot lingerie body that may just put her into the category where we don’t even ask her to split parking with us on our evening out prelude to the main event. She’s undoubtedly that special. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Kelly Brook Hotness, Daisy Fuentes Camel Toe, and Pam Dawber Pokies (Yeah, That’s Right) and Much Much More…

Pam Dawber Nipple Pokes
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We have arrived. Bang a gong and collect all your unworldly possessions, it’s time for the communal celebration known as Reader Finds, when all of you, give to all of us, in the form of the hot forms of celebrity photos that we all can gawk and stare and drool over. It’s like the State Fair, but without the carnie kids picking your pockets.

This week’s Reader Finds includes some hot photos of our belusted Kelly Brook, Daisy Fuentes in a quite recent flashing of the camel toe, Lacey Banghard topless fun on the beach, Jessica-Jane Clement also flashing on the beach, Jodie Gasson in a topless Twitter flash, Eniko Mihalik in more divine funbag revealing photos, Delta Goodrem looking mighty sextastic, Sherilyn Fenn in her classic movie exhibition, Valerie Trierweiler, the new first lady of France flashing some unseemly leg, model Carolina Dieckmann naughty cell phone pictures, and, way back machine time, Pam Dawber pokies from the 70′s. It’s all good.

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Egotastic! CSI: Is This Jessica Jane-Clement Topless Prior to Her Boob Job? (VIDEO)

Jessica-Jane Clement ScreenCaps of Pre Boob Job
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Occasionally we get a little mystery to solve. And when those mysteries involve sweet hot mostly nekkid women, well, we just have to share those unsolved riddles with you.

EgoReader ‘DAK’ wonders whether or not this unmarked, attached video is actually that of super Britty sextastic model and reality show personality, Jessica-Jane Clement, in some younger days, prior to her chestal expansion by way of implants. It certainly looks like her, but hard to say for certain not being JJC doctoral candidates. Naturally, ‘DAK’ has bet his ‘left nut’ on being right about this, so what say you, Egotastic! audience — does he keep the family jewels entirely intact?

Is This a Video of Jessica-Jane Clement Pre Boob Job?

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Tulisa Contostavlos Named FHM’s Sexiest Woman of the Year (But Jessica-Jane Clement Sideboob Wins Our Hearts)

I’ll say this for FHM’s annual 100 Sexiest Women of the Year announcements — they’re never predictable. Inherently, all ‘tops’ lists are flawed by the Heisenberg Principle, if not the principle that democratic voting kind of sucks, for as Churchill said, to paraphrase, to understand the shortcomings of democracy, spend five minutes talking to the average voter (check it out, Heisenberg and Churchill in the same Egotastic! post — you should get school credit for this!).

FHM Top 10 (of 100) Sexiest Women Winners:

10. Emily Atack
9. Mila Kunis
8. Keeley Hazell
7. Megan Fox
6. Katy Perry
5. Georgia Salpa
4. Rosie Jones
3. Rihanna
2. Cheryl Cole
1. Tulisa Contostavlos

Anyhow, the point is, our readers are amazingly awesome thoughtful critics of the sextastic, but FHM’s, well, we love them like our bastard brothers we only learn we had at way too late an age, but last year they included Lady Gaga in their hottest list and this year, Tulisa Contostavlos takes top honors. Don’t get me wrong, I’d empty every shekel in my measly bank account to be the next guy called up for the Contostavlos oral-fetish sex tape, she’s a good looking young rapping kind of woman, but tutto di tutti hottest?

Well, you be the judge. As for us, we thought the likes of Jessica-Jane Clement and her sideboob, Helen Flanagan and her big boobtastic, and Georgia Salpa and her city-sized cleavage all kind of stole the actual show. Enjoy.


Jessica Jane Clement Hot Bra and Panties Pictorial Mesmerizes the Fug Out of Me

We have lusted hard for Jessica-Jane Clement since ever we first met, several years and several hair colors ago, topped off last year when we got to see Jessica-Jane in some early topless work, and then again on in a tropic island savage bikini on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Now, thanks to our good and hot-girl loving friends at Nuts, we have another peek into the wonderful wondrous wonderment that is Jessica Jane Clement, in this case in some cleavetastic tops and skimpy little bottoms. It’s how amazing I always imagined high tea could be, British style. Enjoy.