Jessica-Jane Clement Super Hot Lingerie Spread for Maxim Russia

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bill-swift - October 20, 2011

There's nothing about Jessica-Jane Clement that we don't thorough lust here. From her evocative name right down to her evocative and ridiculously hot body, we are a veritable frenzy of Clement fanatics here in our penthouse basement offices. Oh, perhaps these lingerie pictures of the delicious and eternally-tempting Jessica-Jane from this month's Maxim Russia aren't hot off the presses (Maxim, they recycle like no other green-friendly company on the planet), but they are hot burning and searing their indelible images into the recesses of our libidos, for forever types of withdrawals at our private time discretion. We even lust the ink on this girl, if only it listed her private phone number. Enjoy.