Jessica-Jane Clement

READER FINDS: Taylor Momsen Porn Star Hanging, Kelly Kelly Nip Slippage, Rita Rusic Topless, Jessica-Jane Clement Flashing Pre-Job Boobtastic, and Much More…


Our very favorite time of the week. Friday. And not just because we have personally interpreted company policy to understand that Friday means that drinking is allowed in the office beginning at 10am, and, more importantly, it’s the day of the week for Reader Finds, our bevy of collective celebrity flesh from around the Egotastic! Reader globe. It caps off our Maslow pyramid of needs, not to mention stimulating a few areas around the base.

This weeks Reader Finds includes a highly promising look at Taylor Momsen hanging with a porn star, WWE diva Kelly Kelly flashing nip, Katy Perry in a highlighted bit of headlights, Jessica-Jane Clement hot and topless, Shannon Elizabeth in a classic topless shoutout, Adrianne Curry NYE cleavage, Rita Rusic finally without a bikini top, Lily Aldridge down top, and Kristen Stewart luscious butt shots. It’s an assemblage of the amazing.

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Jessica-Jane Clement Margin Call Premiere

Jessica-Jane Clement Lingerie Outtakes Will Make You Smile (and Suffer) All Over

It’s always hard to pin down the photoshoot dates from our good and boob-loving friends across the pond at Nuts, but we think about the autumnal season past they published a pretty epic lingerie photo series of the amazingly hot Britty brunette, Jessica-Jane Clement. As always, the best of the best photos have slowly streamed out, like a sextastic creek winding it’s way down the mountain, right into your libido. And, you’d better count on these ridiculously optic-nerve blowing visuals of such a beautiful women and sweet body sticking with you for some time.

It’s the good kind of haunting. Enjoy.

Jessica Jane Clement Lingerie Pictorial Because Hot Women Plus Hot Lingerie Equals Something Very Very Good

We’ve been accused here of falling in lust with every hot celebrity we see half-nekkid to which charges we respond, most absolutely guilty. What can we do but reach into our pockets for cash (I swear that’s why we’re reaching into our pockets) and offer up the sum total of our pittance wage for a mere chance to make it rain for but a few seconds around the super sextastic likes of Jessica Jane Clement, here in superb glory from this past summer’s lingerie shoot for Nuts, prior to her I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here wondrous performance on the telly. 

When we see girls like Jessica Jane looking all kinds of silky and hot-bodied and flashing what most certainly is Mother Nature’s finest way of saying thank you to the male of the species (and our fine ogling female-on-female friends), we just want to write a lousy poem or sing a Maroon 5 song or something entirely pointless and annoying. I suppose that is Mother Nature’s evening out of the score. Enjoy.

Jessica-Jane Clement (Covered) Topless Lingerie Pictures Will Affect You In Your Polling Places

This entire week, month, well, hell, it could be a lifetime, seems dedicated to the hotness of rising TV celeb and glamour model Jessica-Jane Clement. Fate could not have picked a hotter subject matter for such an honor. In this Nuts lingerie pictorial, Jessica-Jane continues to show why she seriously deserves a nomination for hottest celeb of the year in our upcoming annual vote, not that we’re pushing any candidate, but holy hotness, just look at Jessica-Jane in her little black skivvies and consider her pedigree of body, boobtastic, and butt. Wow. Enjoy.

Jessica-Jane Clement Amazing Exhibition of Bikini-Clad Funbags on ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’

Perhaps no other celebrity has had a hotter past 30 days than Jessica-Jane Clement, whose hot body and generally lumber-inducing skillset has been on grand display in magazines and videos across the British Empire in preparation for her participation on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, a quite craptastic bit of television that you just knew would feature the awe-inspiring flesh puppies of Jessica-Jane. And, lo and behold, or low and hold, our dreams have come true, courtesy of some fun-filled bikini-clad funbag moments in IACGMOH, where Jessica- Jane shows off her finer assets in motion, bends, and stretches that will make you ever wonder why you spent any part of half a second wondering if you’d ever fall in lust with this hot young woman. Consider that case closed.

I’m a Jessica-Jane Clement Admirer, Get Me In There.

Jessica-Jane Clement Bikini Candids Highlight Her Double Barreled Promotional Efforts

Jessica-Jane Clement continues to bemuse us with her ridiculously hot body, seen here in these last summer vacation bikini candids, and in her promotional photos for her upcoming participation on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, which of course could easily be retitled, I Want So Badly to Be a Celebrity, That’s Why I’m Here, but who has time to fuss over craptastic reality television when the sextastic delights of Jessica Jane Clement are on the visual menu. Really, just simply one of the hottest girls we cover. Enjoy.