Madison Beer is Guilty in Her New Video!

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Echo Lawrence - August 24, 2020

The last time I posted a shot from this new Madison Beer music video I thought she was doing an Ariana Grande impression, now that the video dropped I stand by that statement! Madison just put out her new song and music video called Baby, she sounds a lot like Ariana to me, but I’m probably not the best judge at that because I don’t listen to Ariana often, but the whole vibe to me is very ari! Anyway here is the video and a few screen shots from the behind the scenes action, and here is what Ariana, I mean Madison had to say about her new project:

“feeling very overwhelmed n grateful tonight. thank u so much. baby was made at a very low point for me and it was part of the moment i was actually able to begin rebuilding my confidence & mental health. started knowing my worth!!! i hope this song supplies some of you with the confidence you deserve and makes u feel sexxxiiiii !!!! thank you again”

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