Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart Does the Nearly Impossible, Makes Clothing Sexy

I suppose today's theme is sort of hotness we don't see enough of, from sexy celebrities we'd like to see in less. International supermodel Izabel Goulart is a strong case in point. One of the world's sexiest women for whom I usually have to dig through stacks of foreign Elles and Vogues to get a chance to ogle, but, now, thanks to Victoria's Secret new big dollar ad campaigns for the holidays, they're scooping up big payday models for their catalogue shoots, including Izabel in this fully-clothed, but still super hot collection of sheer little things on one of the world's hottest bodies. It's a match made in heaven, especially when the Angels are all having babies. Enjoy.

Izabel Goulart Gives Maximum Goulart Hotness for All the Monda To See

Aye, yai, yai, Izabel. I've got some Goulart madness going on these days and I'm not afraid to say it. Topless preferred, natch, but I'll take my Brazilian V.S. Angels in any way, shape, or form, including these sexy pictures of Izabel Goulart from a photoshoot for Monda magazine. What would we men do if women didn't insist on being pimped goods by the super hottest among their gender? I ponder this time in the evening, albeit the answer to this hypothetical frightens me to my care. Thankfully, it shall never be and while the fairer sex is shopping, we shall be ogling the likes of super sultry hotties like Izabel Goulart. Every man deserves a little Goulart in his life. Enjoy.

Izabel Goulart in the Nordstrom Lingerie Catalog

Are you like me? I can never get enough Goulart in my life. More specifically, multi-talented, multi-sextastic Brazilian supermodel Izabel Goulart whose body makes me want to do something insane, like run a marathon or invent a more efficient form of indoor plumbing or something. Just inspiring how hot she is, nude, clothed, or pimping lingerie for Nordstrom's (as opposed to her more typical Victoria's Secret role). Panties and bras and Goulart, oh, my. This really is one underrated hottie. Enjoy.

Reader Finds: Izabel Goulart Wet and Hot, Cinthia Fernadez Topless Apple Bites, Cameron Diaz Mystery Dancing, and Teresa Palmer Nekkid Restraints (VIDEO)


Whoa, Nelly. As in Egotastic! reader 'Nelly G.' who found these Sports Illustrated outtakes of the amazingly sexy and boobtastic Izabel Goulart in something you might call a bikini or swimsuit or just almost see-through perfection. Oh, Izabel, how you make me want to mispronounce your last name over and over again in our sacred boudoir of making the love.  (UPDATE: These photos were removed at the request of Sports Illustrated)

Muchos muchos gracias to Egotastic! superfan 'Juni R.' for reacquainting us with Argentinean naughty reality TV star Cinthia Fernandez (a.k.a. Abby Diaz) who apparently hates clothing and loves to be exposed. Who's going to argue with that philosophy?

We have no idea where this odd Cameron Diaz dancing in a thin white top clip comes from, neither did EgoFan 'Swizzle' who nevertheless had the foresight to share this motion picture of A-Rod's current five-times a day squeeze and see if anyone out there could figure it out.

2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Hottie Madness! Irina Shayk, Brooklyn Decker, Cintia Dicker, Esti Ginzburg, and Izabel Goulart

UPDATESorry to all, but mostly to myself, but Sports Illustrated has decided they no longer wish to share these beautiful photographs of beautiful models so they had to be removed. Please forgive the wet floors, that's from my tears of sorrow.

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The day hath arrived. Word to the wise, it may be a very short day, but, you know, it hath arrived.

The 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is out and, yep, it's always worth the wait. Swimsuit and bikini madness plus sextastic celebrity models of the highest order equals epic photo-set madness. It's really unmatched each year in hype and intensity in terms of magazine swimsuit collections.

While not the entire array of hotties, my favorites in the early going here are Irina Shayk, uber-sexy model who dons the cover of the magazine this year, Brooklyn Decker, perhaps the youngest ever to enter my personal Hall of Hotness, Cintia Dicker, readhead Brazilian wonder-muffin, Esti Ginzburg, the Israeli hardbodied model, and Izabel Goulart, who we just saw lovely and topless last week. Quite an ensemble. Stay dry. Enjoy.






Izabel Goulart Topless And Sexy in Purple Magazine


Oh, Izabel Goulart, you crazy ex-Victoria's Secret Angel, how long we have waited to once again see the splendor of your topless body. And here I was sitting on the exciting news that this Brazilian hottie supermodel was going to be appearing in the upcoming 2011 SI Swimsuit edition, when, suddenly.. BLAMMO! Izabel Goulart topless pictures in Purple magazine. Good things come to those that wait. Also, to those that work hard. But waiting is far easier in my experience. Enjoy.

Izabel Goulart Topless Pictures from Hercules Magazine


I've never heard of Hercules magazine before, but I might have to check out, because the upcoming issue has Victoria's Secret Supermodel Izabel Goulart topless pictures in it. How's that for awesome!? Hopefully, I'll be able to get some less distorted versions of these pictures, but for now, all we have are these photos of the magazine itself. Looks like someone didn't want to ruin their precious magazine. Still, any Izabel Goulart topless pictures are fine by me. At least we've got something to stare at.