Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart Bikini Pictures Light Up Spain With Brazilian Supermodel Hotness

You know my favorite saying, everybody could use a little Goulart in their lives. No truer words have ever been spoken now seeing Izabel Goulart in one of her rare candidly public appearances seaside in Spain, showing off her statuesque bikini body that is normally reserved for high priced magazine and catalog shoots.

Izabel works that Pilates machine like nobody’s business, the result being a tall and lean and toned body that I’d like out for paella at one of those Spanish beach front restaurants. Izabel and I would eat and drink late into the evening, well, I would eat and drink while she nibbled on some veggies and bubbly water and by nine o’clock I’d probably be tired. I hope she still finds that sexy enough to invite back to her room. I know I do. Enjoy.

Izabel Goulart Wicked Hot in Black and White for Lui (I’m Actually Sweating Just Looking)

Damn. Double damn. Izabel Goulart may have just topped all of her Brazilian counterparts this week with a steamy hot and showy spread in Lui magazine that is truly one for the ages. Mostly ages 18 and up, because you know, boys don’t think about sex until 18.

Izabel’s crazy smoking hot body is actually dripping with a moisture known only as ‘me want badly’ trickling down her ridiculously tight and toned female form. And that butt. Oh, how I want to kneel down and make it my everything. That might seem disturbing to the uninitiated ass-man, but to those of us who worship the hot lady bottomside like it was dropped from heaven, you know what I’m talking about. Just absolute perfection. We could all use a little more Goulart in our lives. Enjoy.

Izabel Goulart Covered Topless Will Make Your Day

Ah, Izabel Goulart. You bring so much joy to the world with your amazing bikini body. But these pics of you barely covering your funbags is downright a humanitarian endeavor. In this Miami photo shoot, the Brazilian beauty starts off in a revealing black bikini. That would have been awesome enough on its own. It shows off her cut stomach with just a hint of side boob. But the real treat is her covering one ta-ta with her arm and the other with some strategically placed hair. But her lovely brunette tresses can only conceal so much of her chest puppies. She’s also eating a peach. I’m not sure what it is but I do love watching a woman eat a piece of fruit. It doesn’t have to be anything phallic like a banana either. Maybe it’s the Catholic school associations with the sexy Garden of Eden and original sin and all that. Either way, yes.

I’m not sure what publication this photo shoot is for but I’m buying two copies. You know, in case one gets damaged.

Izabel Goulart Is Super Sexy In Miami Photo Shoot

Brazilian model Izabel Goulart was her usual smoking hot self in a photo shoot in Miami. She wore a very small white bikini that perfectly contrasted with her tanned skin. Her lady humps look amazing with a low plunging cleavtacular neckline. But the real news is her booty. I thank all the gods of all religions for having created such a perfectly shaped pair of buns. There is not a speck or dimple on these flawless beauties. The most glorious part is that you can almost see all of that amazing posterior in these pics. The photog got a particularly nice closeup of the full moon. Izabel is one of those Brazilian hotties that makes you want to pack your bags and move to Rio. I would gladly learn Portuguese if I could stare at people like Izabel all day.

I wonder how guys on these bikini shoots get any work done? I would probably drop a c-stand or knock over a light because I was too busy ogling Izabel’s magnificent bouncy flouncies.

Izabel Goulart Booty Models Bikinis and Other Sweet Body Fineries in Sao Paulo

It’s always fashion week somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, err, one of the hemispheres, this week in Sao Paulo, Brazil where wicked native hottie Izabel Goulart modeled bikinis for Agua de Coco and showed off every inch of the body she often shows us being worked out on social media. I’d say the workouts are working. I wish I had the fortitude to get into a workout program like Izabel’s. I don’t mean to workout like her, I mean, to actually get into her workouts and watch her sweat as I eat an Egg McMuffin with cheese. That is kind of the dream.

Everybody needs a little sextastic in their life and everybody needs a little Goulart. Keep that tush working, Izabel. We’ll keep ogling. Enjoy.

Izabel Goulart Swimwear Shoot for Agua De Coco Summer 2014

Izabel Goulart Covered Topless in Vogue Brazil, Revisited and Enhanced

Everybody needs a little Goulart in their life. And, sometimes, you need just a bit more.

We were floored (we literally do fall to the floor) when we saw the super sextastic Brazilian model Izabel Goulart in her home country’s Vogue magazine last month, showing off her sleek, perfect model body with nary but a jacket on protecting some of her more intimate bits. Well, now we have a chance to peek at the full set of photos from that shoot, an epic array of Izabel Goulart covered topless and just about the hottest thing this side of the sun.

I’m not exactly sure how Brazil managed to secure both the World Cup and the Summer Olympics in one fell swoop, but I suspect it had something to do with showing the Selection Committees a picture book of hot Brazilian models in barely any clothes. I’m guessing Izabel Goulart was right there at the front. How could you possibly say ‘no’ to Goulart? Enjoy.