Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart Flashes Her Sextastic Lady Form

You know I always like to say, everybody needs a little more Goulart in their life. Leering at Izabel Goulart in her native country’s GQ magazine, maybe everybody needs a lot more Goulart in their life.

Izabel is wicked hot. And even with the photo retouching, we’ve seen plenty enough of Izabel to know she’s got one of the finest female forms on this spinning orb we call the Earth. So, yeah, throw in some leather, throw in some skin, natch, and we have the makings of another Goulartian deposit in the tug vault. She has a large shelf therein. Enjoy.

BATTLE ANGELS: Candice Swanepoel vs. Izabel Goulart in Dual New Sextastic Catalog Shoots for Victoria’s Secret

Oh, man, it’s almost like stepping a little too close to the sun to even imagine taking two of our most sextastic Victoria’s Secret angels and pitting them against one another in a straight up hotness battle. But what’s a horny boy to do when two of his all-time favorites come out with new catalog shoots nearly simultaneously, bathing their luscious bodies in little bits of silk and lace? Let’s get it on.

In one corner, we have the blonde uber-bombshell, Candice Swanepoel. I feel like she’s practically raised us, or, at least, raised our level of indecent thoughts over the years from standard to excessive:

And in the opposing corner, her hot body pressed every so delicately against the turnbuckle, Izabel Goulart, yet another Brazilian super-babe who we’ve come to coin the phrase, ‘Every man needs a little Goulart in their life’, such is the standard of her unending allure:

And, the winner is… well, you make up your own mind, but were I forced to vote, it’s a close call, but edge, slightly, softly silkenly, goes to…

My belusted. What can I say, but, enjoy.

Izabel Goulart Looking Sextastic for Victoria’s Secret

Miranda Kerr Bare Butt Flashing, Anja Rubik and Karlie Kloss Topless, in Vogue Spain Tribute to Hot Supermodels

Miranda Kerr and Other Hot Models Goes Topless for Vogue España December 2012
Click to See Uncensored

Oh, happy days. Dias de much feliz. As some of the most sextastic ladies in Hottieville appear quite unclothed in a dazzling pictorial ode to supermodels in Vogue Spain.

We start off with the uber-sextastic Miranda Kerr flashing her bare MILFtastic buns, and move quickly on to Izabel Goulart looking all kinds of wicked hot, Polish supermodel Anja Rubik topless and lust inducing, and Windy City born Karlie Kloss flashing her funbags, among other heavenly treats in this truly thanksgiving worthy visual feast.

Sometimes, life can get complicated and overwhelming. But you look at the horn o’ plenty hotties in this lineup and you realize just how simple it all is. Enjoy.

Check Out Miranda, Karlie, Anja and More »

Izabel Goulart, Erin Heatherton, Lindsay Ellingson and Other Angels Head Out to Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After Party

You can’t have a sweet-arse lingerie fashion show without a pretty killer after party, as Victoria’s Secret hosted its annual post-Fashion Show shindig in the Big Apple last night getting all the angels to slip into something a little less comfortable, or, sadly, some clothes over their silky bits, and hit the party house for a little booze and conversation and showing off of the killer legs and such.

Sadly, our invitation to this party d’ super hotties got lost in our Spam folder somewhere, and we were forced to stay home watching Animal Planet and plucking off 12-ouncers from our earthquake emergency provisioned cases of Hamms beer. But, no matter how much we swilled, the killer crocs on the small screen never looked as hot as the likes of Izabel Goulart, Erin Heatheron, Lindsay Ellingson, and Miranda Kerr stepping into the party. Alas, the power of beer goggles only extends so far. Enjoy.


Irina Shayk and Izabel Goulart Form a Swimwear Hottie Twosome for Agua Bendita 2013 (VIDEO)

Sometimes two great things come together to form just an epic combo of awesome that absolutely mandates sharing.

Consider that the case with super sextastic models Irina Shayk and Izabel Goulart in a tame, but super sweet bikini and swimwear photoshoot for the Agua Bendita 2013 line. Two of the most smoking hot women on the planet pimping wet and just all kinds of delicious. We have to insist you check this out. Enjoy.


Izabel Goulart Bikini Pictures Hot Enough to Make Our Goularts Sweat

Sometimes, you just need a little Goulart. That time is now.

The Brazilian supermodel Izabel Goulart puts on one heck of a ‘I don’t want summer to ever ever end’ look in her Cia Maritima swimsuit photoshoot for actually Summer 2013, so, that’s something to look forward to already.

I’m not sure about all the dramatic posing, but I am sure that if Izabel Goulart was by my swimming pool in that bikini posing and preening as in this pictorial, I’d be stuck cuddled up to the very edge of the pool afraid to get out for fear of public embarrassment. It’s the Goulart Effect! Enjoy.