All Eyes Are On Izabel Goulart’s Figure During Brazil’s World Cup Match

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brian-mcgee - June 28, 2018

When the eyes of the world are on one sporting event, it become easy to get the eyes of the world on your hot body! Leggy Brazilian beauty Izabel Goulart knows this better than anyone, as she was one of the only people to distract from the action on the pitch with her sexy antics in the stands!

Wearing a cut-off shirt that shows off a substantial amount of midriff, Izabel heated up the competition during Brazil's latest match, cheering her home team to a two to nothing victory over Serbia. I don't want to denigrate the outstanding efforts of the men playing the game, but I can't help but think that Izabel was the key element that pushed her team to victory.

Honestly though, if you're kicking the ball toward the goal and you glance into the stands to see Izabel Goulart cheering you on while showing off some substantial skin, I think you might shoot and score too. Sometimes, all anyone needs is the tiniest bit of extra motivation and Izabel Goulart's body is the perfect place to look for such inspiration!

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