Halle Berry

Halle Berry Bikini Pictures Have Still Got It, And We Still Want It (Badly)

Halle Berry has kind of gone into weird underground mom with angry ex mode the past couple of years, lots of legal proceedings, injuries, flipping off the paparazzi cameras and the like. Kind of a sad turn for our long time veteran hottie who has really burned up the screen and our palms for nearly two decades now, at least since Boomerang.

But, now, a brief blast from the faptastic past with the still super sextastic 46-year old in a bikini top in Malibu over the weekend flashing her jugulars, and in a pair of shorts that every time she bent over to pick something up, we nearly dropped something ourselves.

Halle Berry has still got it, and we still want it. Enjoy.

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Halle Berry So (Sexy) Angry Her Boob Almost Falls Out

There are all kinds of mad. There's punch-your-roommate-who-uses-a-vacuum-cleaner kind of mad. And there's the I-will-eat-expired-cheese-when-I-damn-well-please kind of mad. And there's the what-do-you-mean-you-did-it-with-the-bald-dude-down-the-hall kind of mad. I mean, I've been all those types of mad before. But I've never been so angry before that my boob fell out of my top.

That glorious wardrobe mishap nearly happened to ageless sexy Halle Berry on the morning pickup run to retrieve her especially named child with her former husband or boyfriend or what have you. Halle got so pissed at the pissable (but highly necessarily) paparazzi, that her whole body shook, nearly freeing her amazing 45-year old boob (well, perhaps a bit newer) from its comfortable nest. Would that she were just a bit angrier; we were so close to having our pudding without eating any meat. Enjoy.

REVEALED: Mr. Skin’s Top 100 Nude Celebs of All Time



History was made today when Mr. Skin, the purveyor of all things skinematic, revealed his first ever Top 100 Nude Celebs of All Time, following an intense period of nomination, evaluation, and reader input (and thanks to numerous Egotastic! readers for casting your votes).

The results are in and the Top 10 Nude Celebs of All Time are:

For the entire list of the Top 100, not to mention their nekkid movie scenes therein, check out Mr. Skin Top 100 Nude Celebs of All Time announcement. In fact, when you're there, try to check out the vast collection of 20,000 actresses and 200,000 pics and videos, for which I'd recommend the discounted annual pass, for slow, savory, visual inspection. Enjoy.

Halle Berry 45th Birthday Bikini Pictures Show the Cougar Still Has Big Bite

Oh, Halle Berry, you have defied age with some mystical combination of voodoo, superior genes, Pilates, and 90210-services, and, well, veteran perfection. Another clear nominee for Top Hot Mama, Halley Berry celebrated her 45th birthday over the weekend with friend in Malibu, all of whom probably could not take their peepers off of the bodacious knockers of this bikini world first ballot Hall of Famer. That body at 45, wow, Halle, just wow. Happy Birthday.

Halle Berry and Padma Lakshmi Reek of Hotness at the FiFi Awards

It literally stinks that I was not invited once again this year to the FiFi Awards, the veritable Oscars of the fragrance industry, or, as it might be more truthfully called, the Celebrities Pimping Stink Awards. Well, I may not have been able to sample the odoriferous delights of rose petal mixed with the sweat of third world slave labor chem factory, but I was able to catch the visual pleasures from afar of some seriously unstanky Hollywood hotties, two of which that stuck out like girls that make your thumbs sore -- Halle Berry and Padma Lakshmi, the sexy exotic breads elements to what could be an awesome Egotastic! meat fantasy sandwich. Both Halle and Padma looked ridiculously hot last night; if only I could have run my nasal passages up and down their frames for complete sensational sensations. Enjoy.