Halle Berry

Halle Berry Cleavy In A Low Cut Tank Top Filming ‘Extant’

I can’t remember the exact storyline of Extant. I think Halle Berry is an astronaut who circles Mars or something and returns to earth pregnant. Freaky. Until you realize I was tagging alongs for the ride in the capsule and Halle and I made many many babies. Sorry, spoiler alert.

Whatever the plot, Halle Berry brought her sweet berries to play on the set, in a slow cut top to allow her veteran hot funbags a breath of fresh air. More miraculous than immaculate alien conception is how Halle Berry and her put together body manage to stay so put together and alluring year after year. One of those blessed with natural gifts. Or perhaps alien? Stay tuned. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet

Halle Berry Almost Flashed Her Lady Nest In Maui

Hall of fame hottie Halle Berry almost showed the world her Catwoman, if you get my meaning. She was vacationing in Maui and wearing a pair of cut off shorts and no underwear. When she awkwardly spread her legs to sit, you could see all around her lady nest. It’s important when picking out your short shorts that you find some with proper crotch coverage. Or not if you want to show off your lady bits and pieces, which is fine by me. Halle is still super hot after all these years. I remember back when I was in high school and I saw her in that Boomerang movie with Eddie Murphy and thinking that she was the hottest girl I’d seen in a movie in a long time. This was back in the early 90′s when there were lots of sexy ladies on screen. But she stood out due to the magnitude of her hotness.

I also enjoyed that crappy Catwoman movie. Well, not the movie itself but Halle in a skin tight suit.

Halle Berry Bikini Pictures Reveal the Cleavage of An Ageless Goddess

Well, goddess might be a bit much, but you can bet I’d be stringing together some seriously inflated compliments were I to have the chance to flirt with Halle Berry in her cleavetastic bikini in Hawaii this week. Things like, ‘you don’t look a day over 30′ and ‘how do you keep your skin so soft’ and ‘may I mount you with passion behind the eucalyptus tree’. Yes, the smooth talk would be flowing thanks to the overflowing chestal abundance display but on by Halle and her bikini top on vacation in Hawaii.

And, truly, Halle does not age. She is one of the few women in Hollywood who continues to pull off the short hair without looking like she’s making a social statement, and she continues to to look Bond girl hotness worthy. It’s really a something to behold. And, oh, how I’d like to behold those funbags in my two greedy little paws. Enjoy.

Halle Berry Working What She’s Got at Premiere of ‘The Call’

I don’t think Halle Berry is ever going to get old. She just seems to be getting hotter.

Now, I’m not as silly as my female friend who the other day told me she admired Halle Berry for her naturally hot boobs, I mean, let’s be real, there are no real boobs in Hollywood. And when they’re pointy and proud on a late 40-something actress, they’ve been handled by an M.D. twice or thrice in the past. Still, Halle Berry is one fine specimen of fairer sexhood, including her appearance last night at the L.A. premiere of The Call, where Halle stole yet another red carpet just by being the girl most guys dreamed about being their squeeze.

Halle Berry sextastic has been around forever, and it’s not going away any time soon. Enjoy.

Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, Halle Berry, Just a Few of Our Comic Book Movie Favorite Hotties

Let’s face it, nothing draws more circumspection among fanboys, if not downright nervous hostility, than the selection of the female leads for some of the more finer, if not expensive, tentpole comic book movies. We’ve had some disagreement with Hollywood in their casting of such V.I.P. roles in the past, but, we must concede, they’ve nailed it right in several cases.

Take a look at our list of some of our more sextastically agreeable comic book movie heroines and superheroes. They can turn an otherwise mediocre fantasy-action film into a true visual treasure. Enjoy.

Amy Adams, Jessica Alba, Sarah Hyland, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Lead List of Hotties on the 2013 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet

Well, the big leagues of the collective celebrity circle jerk known as Awards Season kicked off this Sunday evening with the 2013 Golden Globe Awards dishing out trophies to people who just had to thank a bunch of producers and agents and the dude who washes their Bentley.

And while we have to give a generally ‘tame’ rating to the sextastic level at the actual event, when you have such a massive gathering of sweet looking thespianics, you’re going to find some serious lovely toy things to leer at one the red carpet, including our very favorites this year, Amy Adams, Jessica Alba, Sarah Hyland, Sofia Vergara, Halle Berry, Taylor Swift, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Heidi Klum. And a bunch others too, so check out the entire gallery of the girls whose $10K dresses we’d like to rip from their bodies and give them an award of our own. Enjoy.

Why Do Dudes Fight Over Halle Berry? Just Look at a Bunch of Her Hottest Body Pictures And You’ll Know Why

Just look at what happened to the face of the pretty model boy former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry when he duked it out with current Euro-male hunky actor Olivier Martinez over at the Halle Berry home over Thanksgiving. This only goes to show two things. First, even actors can kick male models’ asses. My six-year old niece could lay waste to pretty much the GQ Top 100 male models in a single evening. Second, men like to fight over hot women, oh, since the dawn of time. And that sextastic woman happens to be Halle Berry, who into her mid-40′s now continues to have one of the single most magnificent bodies in all of Tinsel Town. And it’s been wicked hot for some time.

In honor of the hamburger that is now Gabriel Aubry’s face, we take a look some of our favorite Halle Berry hot bodied looks from over the past several years. Pretty damn amazing. Enjoy.