Top 5 Products to Boost your Bedroom Game!

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Tex Hollywood - September 10, 2020

It’s no secret that the spice of life happens in the bedroom, or wherever you adventurous souls take it! Sex is the literal FOUNDATION of humanity.

We are wired or coded to want it basically all the time, I mean our species relies on that instinct. Since we obviously can’t just have sex 24/7,  no matter how bad we want to, it runs in the background of our minds  even while we are distracted by other things like work, school, family, social life, because there are other things to do in a day, just nothing quite as important as the only reason we exist.

So with sex being a fundamental NEED and WANT and URGE despite not being readily available at all times, we have to be as prepared as possible to have the BEST possible sex when we get the opportunity to have sex, you know to either impress our partner to want to have more sex with us more often, or to at least have the MOST ENJOYABLE possible sex in the limited opportunities we have to have sex.

That is why we are happy to introduce you to the Top 5 Products to Boost your Bedroom Game! As a people, we’ve evolved, we have technology, research, resources and options. We aren’t cavemen, although maybe one of your kinks is pretending to be a caveman, but even if that’s the case, incorporating the tools needed for this job is critical! If you choose to not use the performance enhancements available to you, you’ll lose the race because someone else will move in and take your glory using the tools available.

5 - Delay Spray

If there is one thing we have collectively learned from Missy Elliot, it’s that ladies can’t stand a minute man. There’s nothing worse than finally hooking up and getting to that moment together, but the guy can’t keep going and either leaves his partner hanging or has to stop all together to avoid an early eruption.

The best way to ensure you last as long as she does is to use a delay spray. Promescent Delay Spray is the go-to because it actually works, over 2000 healthcare professionals have vouched for it and the product is made out of lidocaine, which is both safe and super effective.

        I know what you’re thinking….GIMMICK…sure, I get that but the product actually works in helping men last longer. Clinical studies proved to help men 64% longer but many report being able to last much longer.

When you use Promescent Delay Spray there’s no second guessing on dosages or worrying if you’re using too much, too little etc. Each bottle comes with a metered-dose spray that will deliver exactly 10mg of the product per spray. Plus, it’s equally beneficial for the ladies so there is little to no risk in getting some on, or in, your partner!





4 - VitaFLUX


You can’t ignore the fact that sexual health depends on your overall health and that in this era of fast food and laziness, maybe one too many beers or a few too many hours playing video games instead of lifting weights, means that you’re probably not running at optimal performance from within. Even with a great diet and exercise, as you get older, you need more of somethings and less of others to keep your hormones and stamina in check.

That is why we always encourage supplements to do exactly what they are meant to by supplementing your life with needed nutrients, amino acids, etc. No matter how healthy you may think you are, your bedroom game will thank you!

We recommend VITAFLUX, because it is specifically designed to help you perform better. It has the ingredients needed to increase energy, blood flow and fast recovery. It has 2 -3 times more essential amino acids than the competitor.

Not to mention, and this is important, the clinical study had more men report stronger, firmer erections and a higher libido.  While women reported higher lubrication and orgasm satisfaction. These are huge claims, but proven claims.

The ingredients are  L-Arginine 2000mg, L-Citrulline 1000mg, L-Carnitine Tartrate 1000mg, Zinc 10.5mg, Magnesium 64mg

ALL very good things for your body, soul and sex life! Especially as we get older and all that testosterone declines!





3 - Arousal Gel


You can’t always start an old lawn mower with every pull, there’s a process, an artistry that needs to be mastered, one where you are in tune with your partner and get them to the place you both need to be.

There’s a buildup, they call it edging and that build up can lead to explosive results. Patience is key to all aspects of life, you can’t rush a good thing, you need to kick back and enjoy the journey, it will make that destination ALL the more amazing.

A great way to enhance foreplay is by using an arousal gel like this Promescent female arousal gel that uses natural oils like peppermint to create a buzzing sensation to the area it’s applied to, Promescent arousal gel uses vasodilators to promote blood flow to areas like the clitoris, and other erogenous zones. A MUST try for all couples and a way to experience solo masturbation like you never thought possible!




2- Lubes

A little-known fact is that sex is always better when it’s slippery. Friction isn’t good for you or your partner and can actually be painful and ruin the entire moment. So, it’s always a good idea to use a trustworthy lube that won’t get a sticky and gross halfway through and will keep things moving like a slip n’ slide!

Promescent provides a variety of lubricants for your different preferences. They not only make a water based lubricant but they also have a silicone based lubricant that provides some grease to your engine for longer lasting sex or masturbation and  it does not dry out quickly. 

The newest addition to their line of lubricants is the all natural organic aloe based lubricant with ingredients such as green tea, oat extracts, quinoa, flax, and hemp.

You and your partner will have a wonderful slip and slide  of a good time!!




1- Before & After Wipes

Hygiene and overall cleanliness when hooking up takes the number one spot because trust me, no girl wants to be smelling your moth ball drawers or arena bathroom smelling ass. There’s nothing wrong with B.O. but ball sweat does not help set the mood when you’re getting intimate.

You also want to be the guy that has something for your partner to use after hooking up and I’m not talking about that musty old cum rag! Promescent Before & After Wipes are pH balanced, so you’re not risking any infections or irritation from them and they are alcohol free, so they don’t dry out your skin and leave either of you with chapped lips. The wipes contain Aloe Vera for a smooth moisturized feeling after cleansing. These wipes are 100% biodegradable and can even be flushed down the toilet for easy clean-up! Get dirty, but then get clean! 



Life is about competitive advantage. There is no difference in using supplements, lubes, sprays for sex to make it better, than adding any modern science to any aspect of your life to get those BETTER results, only in this case the BETTER results are actually worth striving for. Good sex is the best sex, do your part slacker and GET YOURS NOW.

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