Iskra Lawrence Talks Vagina Tearing!

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Echo Lawrence - July 29, 2020

Iskra Lawrence is the model who actually used to be pretty thin, but couldn’t make it as a big time model so she let herself get kinda chunky and became a well known Plus Size model. If you don’t succeed, try, try again as they say! Last year Iskra started dating some songwriter dude named Philip Payne who knocked her up last fall. Iskra had the baby back in April at home by an at-home water birth.

She’s decided that it’s time to share some of her secrets to child birth, the main thing is how she prevented her vagina from ripping apart during the birth. A bit too much information but I guess knowing she didn’t tear her vagina is better than knowing she did. Like Chrissy Teigen who told the world how she ripped her vagina down to her butthole, and who most likely had a few extra stitches put in afterwards…

Here is Iskra telling us how she prepared her vagina for delivery and what her typical day in the life is like!