Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell Bikini Pictures Ginger and Spicy from a Land Down Under

Geri Halliwell is now my definitely favorite former Spice Girl. She seems to always be smiling, unlike Victoria Beckham, and she's avoided the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol and other nonsense to be a young 40-something who seems like she'd be really fun to take on a bikini vacation. A

nd, as a preview for such, we caught a glimpse of the ever bubbly Ginger Spice in Sydney delighting in the fact that she still looks great in a bikini and presumably has enough money tucked away somewhere that she'll never have to know a different life. I'd like to be there with her through that vacation lifestyle journey. If even just to carry the towels. Enjoy.

I Still Got a Hankering for Ginger Spice; Geri Halliwell in Short Dress and Sexy Boots

Turning forty this year has done little to diminish the lust we have for hot mom and former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, who when not flashing panties or views down her top, is still making a public statement by showing that a curvy British woman never goes out of style, not when she loves short tight dresses and sexy boots.

Now, you know we already have a predilection for our mature ladies, all that wisdom and experience, combined with still smoking fine bodies, but you throw in the self-aware teaser like Ginger Spice, and, blammo, our hearts go pitter-patter and it's time to lay down the plastic sheets before Vesuvius takes its natural course. Enjoy.

Geri Halliwell Flashes Her Knickers for a Bit of Hot Floral Spice

It's been a while actually since we've seen former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell flashing her panties, which is odd, because she's one of our all-time most prodigious upskirt exhibitor on Egotastic!

The girl, nay, the woman and veteran hottie, loves the high hem lines and bending, stretching, and bouncing to the point of flashing her pretty knickers whenever and wherever she goes. Hey, panties flashing is not just for the younger generation; we'd like to encourage all 40-something super hotties in fancy underpants to show them off to us Peeping Toms as we pass on by. Enjoy.

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Of all the sacks I might gently caress in any given week, the sack containing our Reader Finds mail is most definitely my favorite (that didn't come out right). The anticipation of not knowing what skin-filled celebrity presents lie within the crushed velvet purse we used to hold all of your discoveries during the week, it's really quite chilling. My physician, the esteemed Francis Burger M.D. says I ought to up my meds if I'm feeling such sensations, but, then, Dr. B has never stuck his paw into a velvet pouch stuffed with pure sextastic.

This week's fountain of reader-submitted flesh includes Gerri Halliwell pre-Spice Girl but post-getting nekkid, Lizzie Jagger flashing nipple on the runway, Amy Jo Johnson, the Pink Ranger, almost almost flashing the same, Bollywood veteran hottie Aishwarya Rai, with some upskirt and camel toe movie stills, Johanna Lundback hotness in see-through lingerie once more, maybe Cassie Steele maybe flashing her DeGrassi boob, Brazilian ginger hottie Cintia Dicker in a fashion pictorial that is just plain clothed-sexy, Rosie Jones not at all covered topless, Jordan Hinson sexy licking, and Demi Lovato bikini butt shot from distance. Yep, today's sack is ready to burst.

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Geri Halliwell Builds Her Resume for World’s Most Eligible Hottie

My petition to Geri Halliwell to be my Sugar Mama remains 'under review' in the Ginger Spice camp; in the interim, we'll continue to admire one of the world's most eligible bachelorettes, a veteran hottie on the cusp of 40, and the edge of our eternally active libidos tweaked constantly by the site of hot mature women. Out at the Box Nightclub in London town in a slick red number that highlighted her still fine-formed body.

Oh, the times we will have when Geri is my mom; tuck-in time will be the best. Enjoy.

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On the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year of the millennium (or is this the twelfth year of the millennium?), you readers have delivered unto Egotastic! another utterly and randomly delightful air-drop of the celebrity skintastic that can only be described as Hodgepodge Hotness. It's really a revelation each week to see what arrives at our doorstep wrapped in a plain brown wrapper.

This week's Reader Finds includes Kelly Kelly flashing some star-covered funbags, Geri Halliwell in a maybe this is her classic topless find, G-rated Taylor Swift getting all kinds of PG-rated, Olivia Wilde revealing her hotness in some personal pics by the ex-husband, Jessica Wright in a delicious magazine spread, Jesica Herenu in a Sudamericana passion-inducing pictorial, a 20-year salute to Price is Right model hottie, Dian Parkinson, a much clearer version of sultry Bianca Kajlich in her topless cinematic venture from this past summer, and a rather revealing spread of Jessie Wallace from EastEnders. A treasure trove of Tinsel Town ta-tas.