Geri Halliwell Lingerie Pictures Pimping Her Own Amazing Veteran Hottie Body

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bill-swift - October 31, 2011

The truly MILFtastic ginger spice light of our lives, Geri Halliwell, well thank the heavens she's launching her own signature line of lingerie with Next because you knew when it came time to pick the model to highlight the hotness of the little silky nothings, our darling Geri was going to step right in to put her own boobtastic and body front and center. I simply don't have enough credit on my Diners' Club card for all the women's underthings I'm going to be purchasing, including these bras and panties and nighties that I can only hope includes Geri Halliwell herself in the package. She's definitely having a run at veteran hottie of 2011. Enjoy.