Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell Bikini Pictures Flash the Ginger Nip Slip in Sardinia



Ginger Spice knows how to vacation. She just does. Every time we see Geri Halliwell, she’s always somewhere on the Mediterranean jet-skiing, boating, parasailing, drinking, suntanning, and dry humping her boyfriend in public. In this case, the former Spice Girl turned semi-retired sunbird took her bikinis and her wardrobe malfunctions to Sardinia for the 4th of July weekend (okay, I know you Brits don’t quite celebrate the 4th like the Yanks do, but Geri still took a long weekend, so let’s play along). Does she even give a hoot that her nipples were popping out of one of her many bikinis this weekend? Nope, probably not. This ain’t Geri Halliwell’s first skin flash rodeo. And, the girl knows how to party. Enjoy.

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Geri Halliwell Bikini Change Leads to Nipple Slips at Sea



Oh, Ginger, Ginger, Ginger.

Geri Halliwell knows how to bikini vacation. Yes, she does. The thirty-eight-year old former Spice Girl took about a half dozen bikinis with her on a Euro-yacht type vacation with her boyfriend and did us ogling public the benefit of not only flashing her still plenty desirable bodacious body, but did some changing of the bikini tops before the paparazzi lenses, leaving us with some uber-duper views of the Ginger boobtastic by way of delicious nipple slip. Bless you, Geri, you certainly know how to share your continuing talents with the world. Enjoy.

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Is Gerri Halliwell Looking Good Enough for Back to Back Days Posting? You Bet Her Ass She Is

Ginger Spice bentover bra peeks madness invades Miami Beach!

Geri Halliwell Bikini Pictures Still Got It!

Look out, South Beach. Talk about growing older quite boobtastically. Ginger Spice is in bikini and on the scene. Geri Halliwell still has it. In at least three places that I see, but I’m sure there are even more delightful points of sugar and spice on this fair-haired former pop diva. These Geri Halliwell bikini pictures have me currently renewing my fan club membership; heck, at 38, this veteran ginger crush is just hitting her sexual peak. I mean, according to science books. Of course, I’m more into the applied sciences, such as applying sun-tan lotion to Geri Halliwell’s bodacious body. Enjoy.

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Geri Halliwell and Elizabeth Hurley Stepping Up the British Lady Cleavage

Nice to see a couple grand dames of hotness kicking up their game with some out-on-the-town generous cleavage pictures. Geri Halliwell and Elizabeth Hurley, two veterans of the boobtastic business are not going down without a fight. In fact, we’ve mentioned before (though she denies it), Liz Hurley may have artificially enhanced her fun bags in the past year or two, still, impressive chestal cleft. Same for Ginger Spice. While Posh jets around the globe a frail-framed version of her former spiciness, Geri continues to keep on a few extra generous pounds of curvaceousness. You go, Ginger. Enjoy.

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