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Tex Hollywood - January 2, 2020

How's 2020 day two treating you? Have you stuck to your resolutions? Are you waiting for next year to try again? You know you can treat any day like New Years Eve and change basically everything overnight....

Or you could do a viral video of you dancing around the world with strangers, go viral, end up on Ellen and make millions of dollars for being a shameless idiot with a played out idea. DREAMS CAN COME TRUE.

Gamer Chick with Tourettes

Rita Ora Titty Top

Nadine Velazquez is Totally Nude

Braless Bella Hadid

Leo's Girl Has a Hot Bikini Body

Lohan is Back in America Managing her Sister's Music Career...

Burnout Fail

Shelly Cochrane Big Fat Tits in a Nude Shoot

Rihanna the Nipple Pincher - We Used to Call it a Purple Nurple.

Weird FUneral Drama

Dancing to Lean with 1000 people around the world is pretty fucking dumb.....but probably got this idiot a record deal / movie deal / book deal and millions of dollars....on some Lamer than Ellen shit...

Maybe Old But Still Good - Subway Abduction of a Sleeping Girl - WTF

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