Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell Lingerie Pictures Pimping Her Own Amazing Veteran Hottie Body

The truly MILFtastic ginger spice light of our lives, Geri Halliwell, well thank the heavens she's launching her own signature line of lingerie with Next because you knew when it came time to pick the model to highlight the hotness of the little silky nothings, our darling Geri was going to step right in to put her own boobtastic and body front and center. I simply don't have enough credit on my Diners' Club card for all the women's underthings I'm going to be purchasing, including these bras and panties and nighties that I can only hope includes Geri Halliwell herself in the package. She's definitely having a run at veteran hottie of 2011. Enjoy.

Geri Halliwell Has the MILFtastic Body and Spice Girl Money To Be My Future Ex-Wife

There's something about Geri Halliwell in her new, single veteran MILF status that kind of puts the AA batteries in my new Christmas toy, if you know what I'm saying. I wasn't so big on Ginger Spice during her heyday as a bubble-gum pop song and dance girl, but, now, with age and experience, and the legs and body of a hot celebrity, and, of course, her penchant for wardrobe malfunctions and body part flashes. She's got the entire naughty mom thing down pretty pat these days and I am not complaining. Enjoy.

Geri Halliwell Drops Some Veteran Cleavetastic on the Gorbachev Ball

Nobody parties like Mikhail Gorbachev's wife Raisa. Or, you know, she did back in her day, before the dying thing. So when the Gorbachev annual ball named after the former first lady of the Soviet Union launches each year in London town, the hottest hotties from East to West arrive on scene, a bevy of decked out beauties, all of whom had to play second Russian fiddle last night to Geri Halliwell, who absolutely stole the show last night at the posh (but Posh-less) event.

Wow, I don't usually go for the dressed up dames, but Ginger Spice has nearly perfected the art of the archetypal femme wardrobe these days, whether it be her bikini body slips, her recurring panties flashes, her schoolgirl looks by day, or this cleavetastic hot-blonde princess thang going down last night at Raisa's shindig, Geri Halliwell is a freshly single peach coming ripe on the tree of veteran hotness. Good on you, Geri. Enjoy.

Geri Halliwell School Girl Fantasies Abound

Does Geri Halliwell in a school girl outfit cause my coal-fired fetish oven to smoke like a world-weary whore on a slow business evening? Okay, yeah, admittedly so. But it's not as if I'm going to ask Ginger Spice to wear this little number on our private picnic out to the countryside, while she licks naughtily on a cherry lollipop, flashes her knickers, and talks about how boys her own age are so stupid and immature. There's no way I'm going to ask her to do that, But I am most certainly going to beg. Enjoy.

Geri Halliwell Can Not Stop Flashing Her Panties on a Trampoline (And We Don’t Mind)

I think it's sort of a compulsion at this point for Geri Halliwell to flash at least a glimpse of her panties each and every day. If it takes a trampoline, it takes a trampoline. Bless you, Geri, for finding an addiction we can all get behind. Enjoy.

Geri Halliwell Flashes Panties in a Shoe Store To Signal Her Freshly Single Status

If you love hot, rich, freshly single blonde veteran MILFs flashing panties in shoe stories in the South of France, this picture set might just be for you. Geri Halliwell obliged the ogling world with not only a short summer dress and some fantastic legs for a veteran hottie, but the recently broken up and single mom gave a glimpse of her white panties to enhance the entire shoe store fetish setting.

If you've been reading Egotastic! for a while now, you know about the six months I once spent selling women's shoes. The Dark Days of Dank Fungus-untastic I like not to call them. Never did a Geri Halliwell place her foot into my measuring device or flash me a glimpse of white cotton heaven. Life remains unfair, but a bit brighter today thanks to Ms. Halliwell. Enjoy.

Geri Halliwell Bikini Pictures Flash the Ginger Nip Slip in Sardinia



Ginger Spice knows how to vacation. She just does. Every time we see Geri Halliwell, she's always somewhere on the Mediterranean jet-skiing, boating, parasailing, drinking, suntanning, and dry humping her boyfriend in public. In this case, the former Spice Girl turned semi-retired sunbird took her bikinis and her wardrobe malfunctions to Sardinia for the 4th of July weekend (okay, I know you Brits don't quite celebrate the 4th like the Yanks do, but Geri still took a long weekend, so let's play along). Does she even give a hoot that her nipples were popping out of one of her many bikinis this weekend? Nope, probably not. This ain't Geri Halliwell's first skin flash rodeo. And, the girl knows how to party. Enjoy.