Christina Milian

Christina Milian Pink Hot Pants Highlight Her Latina-Donk

Sometimes, you’ve got to sink the pink, as in the, the pink hot pants worn by Christina Milian, who either is or is not really working these days of relative MILFdom, but is most definitely getting herself back into hottie playing shape.

The sextastic Cubana was out and about in L.A. yesterday, flashing her bodily wares in those tight tight pink pants, stretched ever so finely over her Latina-donk and a half shirt that gives extra credibility to her return to sweet-bellied form. We’re not huge Milian-music fans, but we’re always down for a hottie leer and ogle and Christina is most definitely back on the list. Enjoy.

Coco and Christina Milian Club It Up in Super Sheer Dresses To Lead Our Favorite Twitpics of the Week

There’s really nothing better than when sexy celebrities share their own bad-selves via Twitter or similarly awesome modern day drunken seld-published picture bonanzas. So, from time to time, we figured we’d share an assortment of some of the better ones that fly across the digisiphere, often in a moment of cocktail-induced passion, pulled down in the morning, but in the interim, saved for posterity by Egotastic!

This week, we couldn’t help but notice our friend Coco flashing her boobtastic and asstastic double shot out partying in a very sheer dress, along with Christina Milian, who apparently loves to flash in see-through as well. We can not complain.

Also, find Arianny Celeste showing off her sweet sweet bikini  cleavage, Ashley Tisdale doing some sexy dress up games, Kirsten Dunst kissing Lizzy Caplan at Sundance, and young Kendall Jenner tweeting a bit of her teen cleavage, which of course we’re not really allowed to talk about.


Christina Milian vs. Aimee Teegarden in Vegas Party Pimping Match

As you know, a solid chunk of Tinsel Town hotties head to Vegas each weekend to serve as paid pimpstresses for various clubs and casinos at an assortment of parties sponsored by liquor companies or watch companies or companies selling stuff I know I can’t afford. But, that’s Vegas.

This weekend was a fierce and unexpected showdown between the Christina Milian, sultry hottie who brought all types of boobtastic to bear and bare at her event at the Palazzo, while the more demure, but ridiculously sextastic Aimee Teegarden, the prime deposit in many a tug vault, flashed a hint of skin and an award winning smile in order to bring the Sin City swagger in her direction. Who was the ultimate pimpstress?

Personally, I’d pay to pull the lever on either slot. Enjoy.

Three’s a Party

Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Alicia Keys get some bonding time in. (SocialiteLife)

Rihanna swims without bikini bottoms. (HuffPo)

Angelina Jolie on the cover of Vanity Fair. (FoxNews)

Mortal Kombat Noob. (CollegeHumor)

Emma Roberts, the co-ed. (TheFABlife)

Jessica Biel falls off the wagon. (GossipCop)

Malin Akerman is just damn good looking. (Celebslam)

Jessica Sutta making love to the camera. (Idolator)

Christina Milian Makes Her Own Case for Bikini MILF of the Day

Let the summer bikini madness continue…

Christina Milian took to the California beaches over the weekend to flash a bit of her own MILFtastic bikini body wares, and a bit of body art that I’m pretty says my name followed by ‘call me’. Despite the ornate jewelry more becoming of a Studio 54 comeback event, Christina definitely has some bodily skills for the ogling, a little hint of sexy boobtastic mermaid that bring to mind many a kinky nautical adventure. Enjoy.

St. Bernard Event Brings Out the Hottie Dogs; Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice and More

The Southern Style St. Bernard Event brought out our first appearance of ‘looking fine’ Britney Spears this week in Hollywood, perhaps marking a return to hotness for the once routinely sextastic pop diva. Give credit where credit is due, it looks like Britney might be hitting the gym and hitting her stride for this summer’s tour and looking to recapture at least some of her previous years of sexy. The blonde singer is only 29 years old after all, not exactly like she is some old hag well past her prime; this is her prime if she puts her body and mind into it. C’mon, Britney, we’re ready to see some skin back in the game.

In addition to Britney, the event offered up the sexy celebrity likes of Christina Milian, Hilary Duff, Kim Kardashian, and two outstandingly hot barely legal favorites, Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice. Wow, now that’s a lotta hotta. Enjoy.

Battle Cleavage: Christina Milian vs. Halle Berry at the Silver Rose Gala

The valleys betwixt boobtastic were on highlight reel levels at the Silver Rose Gala over the weekend where funbaggery was afoot as Christiana Milian entered the juggtacular octagaon to challenge veteran cleavetastic champ, Halle Berry, to a formal wear flashing contest of milky proportions. Both MILFs brought their post nursing twins to bear in their lower cut frocks, providing some epic ogling opportunities for the males in attendance. As always, there were no losers, only winners, though sadly arms were never fully raised in triumph. Enjoy.