Christina Milian

Christina Milian Bikini Happy Bouncy Fun Times in the Caribbean

Christina Milian really does have one of the most underrated bodies in all of Hottieville. It kind of sneaks up on you, like a boobtastic bootylicious ninja. By the time you turn to face her, you’re already chafed and sore.

Featured in B3 Caribbean magazine, an Island zine focused on new moms and babies (of which, Christina falls into the category, on the very MILFtastic end of the spectrum), the Cuban-America songstress hottie uses some family-friendly bikini and swimsuit photos to create some rather adult feelings. Those complex feelings you never could describe, you only knew they felt really good and you probably shouldn’t tell your mom or guidance counselor about them. Yep, those. Enjoy.

The Endless Summer of Legs Continues With Curvy Christina Milian in Shorts

Cuban-American diva Christina Milian has been putting on some wondrous body shows of late, but perhaps we’ve been too focused on her booty and boobtastic (as if that were possible) and short changing her luscious legs.

In this, the Summer, now, Endless Summer of Legs of Egotastic! we should pay more below the waist attention to some girls you wouldn’t think of right away when thinking hot stems, not your conventional statuesque model types, but if you’re leering at Christina Milian in those shorts like I am and not imagining those legs wrapped around… well, nevermind. We both know what we’re imagining. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus and Maria Menounous Our Favorite Desert Hotties at iHeart Radio Music Festival in Vegas

Still not really sure who programs the iHeart Radio Music Festival every September out in Vegas, but the theme seems to be just get the most popular music acts out there and heap them together in one big pile of rock, pop, rap, MTV style making of the most consumer friendly sausage ever. It’s shameless, but ever so popular, natch, and on the upside, the annual monster music show in Sin City brings out hella hotties for both performances and to walk the celebrity red carpet.

Two of our favorites this year were the newly blonde-spiked Miley Cyrus, wearing a see-through top, but sadly and unusually covered for her and Maria Menounos, who needs no reason to show up wherever she wants in hot tight leather pants. Joining this dynamic duo were Nina Dobrev, Taylor Swift, Christina Milian, and Miranda Lambert in a nice fleshy, but not nearly showy enough, pile of desert strip sextastic. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Bares Her Booty, Christina Milian Bares Her Midriff, and Amber Rose Bares Her Preggo In This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

It’s really getting out of hand, and this is a good thing for our hands, the freely flowing sextastic pictures of celebrities they themselves can not resist but publishing to their Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr pages, showing off just how much they want you to want them in the few moments of the day that outside cameras aren’t filming them. Fantastic egos do make for Egotastic! moments.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Kendall Jenner being made by mom to flash her wares, Christina Milian flashing a ridiculously hot MILF body, Hayden Panettiere biting on a pickle (must see), Amber Rose showing off her swollen belly for you preggo fetishists, McKayla Maroney sticking out her tongue, Ireland Baldwin in a bikini, Lady Gaga baring cleave, and much much more you really must see to believe. Enjoy.

Christina Milian Inspects Her New Bikini Line (Yes, Christina, We Approve Too)

In terms of celebrity licensed merchandise pimping, while it’s easy to make fun of the likes of the craptastic Khloe and Lamar perfume or Kendra Wilkinson fronted books on parenting (because, you know, former strippers have special insight on raising children), we can’t overlook the occasional gem, such as when big-bosomed celebrities are tapped to launch bikini lines under their signature because everybody knows girls with big-ta’s are born with an innate sense of bikini design skills.

Enter Christina Milian, celebrating the launch of her bikini line, I think it’s called Ho-Bags or something like that, but I can tell you this, at this weekend’s debut party in Malibu, it looked not only might cleavetastic on the Cubana diva herself, but her models bikini butts were enough of a showpiece to put my ownself down for a couple dozen orders of size extra-showy from the Milian line of two-piece suits. Enjoy.

Oh, The Things We’d Like to Do to the Blue Dress Worn by Christina Milian at ‘Sparkle’ Premiere

Yes, this is basically just a tired old Monica Lewinsky blue dress reference, but seeing Christina Milian in a barely boobtastic wrapped up short blue dress at last night’s premiere of Sparkle, the musical movie based loosely on The Supremes and the last movie made by Whitney Houston before she partied herself into the next world, well, that dress is inspiring. As is the many ways in which we imagine it coming off of Christina Milian to reveal her ample gifts barely hidden underneath.

So excuse us if we can’t help but think about how we might contribute a little DNA to a scandalous investigation around Christina’s blue dress covered front and backsides. Impeach at will. Enjoy.

Christina Milian Keeps the Bikini Hit Parade Coming in Miami

That body just won’t quit. And, so, neither shall we from our appointed duties of bringing all things celebrity hot and bouncy, as in Christina Milian in another day of bikini boobtastic madness, flashing her curvy body along the beach in Miami, making everybody consider the possibility of making Christina a mommy another time over.

The Cubana hottie, well, she might just need a license of some kind to keep waving that booty around in public. Somebody is going to get hurt in private. Enjoy.