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Carmen Electra Brings Her Body to Bear for Strip Club Anniversay

I've always loved the term 'Gentleman's Club', whether that be a classy joint down South that requires a coat and tie, or a truck stop lean-to that requires a couple rounds of Mickey's Big Mouth to see the owner's heavyset niece shimmying on a makeshift pole to Skid Row (man, that is one happy memory of mine).

Carmen Electra helped Crazy Horse III in Vegas celebrate their stripping anniversary this past weekend by highlighting her own infamous twin bills of fleshy fun in a body hugging and cleavage-baring dress. I'm not sure if being able to draw Carmen's boobs from memory on a cocktail napkin gets you free cover charge at Crazy Horse, but I am sure going to try that out this coming weekend at a bachelor party for my highway community service time friend, Zeb, whose mail order bride has finally cleared customs. We will be gentlemen. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra Caught Unaware But Not Without Her High Beams On

We miss Carmen Electra (you never forget the first time mom bangs on the bathroom door to demand to know why you're still in the shower) though with a newly resurrected set of funbags, she does seem to be making at least the odd hottie appearance at local haunts in Las Vegas and L.A. But, sometimes, don't you know, if you want to see somebody badly enough, you need to go find them yourself, out and about, sans makeup or dress up, just Carmen Electra in sweats, but...soft, what pokes through yonder window breaks? It's the headlights of the veteran actress and model at full wattage. If we can't have full-fledged and showing-off Carmen, at least we can have her delightful nipple pokes. Enjoy.

CLICK HERE to see the entire set of Carmen pokies pics today.

Battle of the Vegas Pimping Cleavage: Nicole Scherzinger vs. Carmen Electra

Nobody labors like cleavetastic celebrities, including X-Factor hostess and former Pussycatter, Nicole Scherzinger, who along with a freshly-pumped-up bosomy Carmen Electra, both took to their respective Vegas pimp stations to promote some casino nightclub events over the Labor Day weekend, by way of flashing the Las Boobas in Sin City. I can't begin to tell you what these two damsels without distress were pimping, but I can tell you that Nicole looked downright masochistic in her bondage dress o' belts, while Carmen pulled out a summer wardrobe she hasn't worn since she was in middle school, and somehow made it inappropriately perfect. There were no losers in this battle, save for the suckers who lost their hard-earned coin at the casino tables. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra Busts and Pokes on Set of 2 Headed Shark Attack

Carmen Electra is back and 'bigger' up top than ever before, nipple poking her way around the set of the B-movie, 2 Headed Shark Attack, starring herself and Brooke Hogan (so you know it's going to be something special) and all around just looking mighty boobtastic once more.  I think Carmen is actually trying to keep her chest size up to match her age, which, I must applaud, at least until she turns 6o. Enjoy.

Leopard Print Memories Brought on by Hollywood Fashion Event


Oh, faux pas Jaime King and Lesser Good Looking Hilton Sister, for attending the UK Style French Connection Event wearing matching frocks, albeit, the style of the evening seemed to be geared on leopard print, so the odds were always there, but bet your keester some publicist or wardrobe girl was unceremoniously canned last night after the gig. That's how Hollywood rolls, baby, when you take a walk on the wild side.

Beside the matching twins, the event featured Carmen Electra, one of my veteran hotties who sadly refused to remove her jacket (read as: new boob job), and Wild On wild one Brooke Burke, who despite having like seventeen children pushed through her vajayjay, continues to look downright lean and animal. Enjoy.

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I must say, as me and the indentured slave kids I use for labor here were discussing hot celebrities in wild jungle outfits, none of them could even remember the amazingly sexy Gena Lee Nolin in her fabulous portrayal of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle on television about a decade ago:

And, yes, while I grow long in the tooth and short in the beard, twas only your humble blogger among all these illegal workers who could remember that that the Sheena TV show was based upon the early 1980's movie, Sheena, featuring the one time replacement Charlie's Angel, Tanya Roberts, in full boobtastic glory:

Carmen Electra Is Looking Good Again, Again

Not many of our favorite celebrities have had so many up and down sexy bomb swings as Carmen Electra, who every few years seems to move from super hot, to, 'hey, what's happening with Carmen?' like a see-saw of hotness. Well, Carmen Electra is looking good again, again. Just some run of the mill candid shots of the veteran hottie, but these Carmen Electa pictures are a sign that one of our very favorites is back in a big way. I'm very happy. Enjoy.

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If you're a Carmen Electra fan, you'll remember (or lust anew) her 'Sybian' appearance on Howard Stern. One of my very favorite Electra moments. I think it's the naughty skirt. Or the talk of orgasms. Or both.

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Carmen Electra “Sex Tape”

This video is supposedly a preview of a Carmen Electra sex tape that was leaked to the internet, but let me tell you something is really fishy here, and I'm not just talking about Carmen Electra's happy hole. First of all, I've never seen so many cuts in a sex tape in my life. Second, and this is kind of a biggie, Carmen Electra has never stayed clothed this long doing anything in her life! Let alone having sex. Which you don't even see. She does however make out a little with this other hot chick, so there's something going on, but I've got my money on this being some kind of viral video to promote something. Of course, by viral, I mean Herpes.

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