Carmen Electra Is Looking Good Again, Again

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bill-swift - January 12, 2011

Not many of our favorite celebrities have had so many up and down sexy bomb swings as Carmen Electra, who every few years seems to move from super hot, to, 'hey, what's happening with Carmen?' like a see-saw of hotness. Well, Carmen Electra is looking good again, again. Just some run of the mill candid shots of the veteran hottie, but these Carmen Electa pictures are a sign that one of our very favorites is back in a big way. I'm very happy. Enjoy.

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If you're a Carmen Electra fan, you'll remember (or lust anew) her 'Sybian' appearance on Howard Stern. One of my very favorite Electra moments. I think it's the naughty skirt. Or the talk of orgasms. Or both.