Carmen Electra

Nekkid Carmen Electra Helps Us Promote the $1 PlayboyPlus Sensational Deal


This is what you call native advertising. It's the future of the Internet. Where websites will integrate sponsored content right into their regular content that hopefully piques your interest so you hardly know you're looking at an advertisement. And we intend to do it better than anybody else.

Take for instance the PlayboyPlus $1 Sign-Up Special. Yes, one effin' dollar. It lets you view their content for 48 hours for one-hundred pennies while you decide if you want to sign up for more. You've seen these kinds of deals before, but never for Playboy.

Now, let's native advertise this mother up by convincing you to check out the PlayboyPlus $1 Sign-Up Special with a classic nekkid Carmen Electra pictorial, a sampling of the thousands of pictorials and videos available to you for, well, you guessed it, just $1. You get to see wicked hot Carmen Electra from a time she never looked better or more nekkid, we get to encourage you to sign up for PlayboyPlus under a sweetheart deal.

Winner winner nekkid hottie dinner. Welcome to the future. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra Brings the New Puppies Out to Play for Book Launch

I'm not exactly sure what book launch Carmen Electra was at, I mean, my eyes were not meant for reading small words on pages when big bold bosoms of long time lust crushes are centered before my vision, like the proud, relatively newly pumped up perky pair of the now 40, but still mighty fine looking, MTV and Baywatch veteran.

While we neither condone nor condemn the artificial inflation or readjustment of the boobtastic proper, we never ever stop staring. Hey, the world waits for no man's ogle. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Kerr and More 2013 Golden Globe Awards After-Party Hotness

Let's be honest, while here are a blessedly decent number of super hot, quite talented thespianic females, the best of the sweetness in Hottieville often comes out for the after-party events following the handing over of the polished bronze awards. Such was the case after last night's 2013 Golden Globe Awards where a number of our favorite sextastic celebs showed their faces, and their designer clad Pilates worked bodies, at the Warner Bros. after party, the shindig thrown by Miramax, and a couple other events around town where we're on the 'watch list' at the front door.

The sight of pure passion purveying Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale smooshed together gave us the fantasy chills, quickly followed by a hot jolt up the spinal column at the skin exhibition put on by uber sextastic Miranda Kerr. Sarah Hyland switched dressed, but kept the cleavage, while Carmen Electra showed off her newly revised body. Kate Hudson bared cleave and Jamie Chung looked quite stellar and our lady of Kate Beckinsale, well, who could not want to glazer her hot mama doughnut at any hour of the day. All in all, one wonderful late Sunday night in Hollywood.

Did Carmen Electra Just Flash Her Bare Lady Nest to the Whole World?


I guess I'm getting old, long in the tooth, short on the eyesight, but I need the help of you all to determine if Carmen Electra was out commando last night at Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood when she flashed an upskirt getting into her car.

I feel like I may be one of the few men in this town who's never actually seen Carmen's cooch live and in person, which leaves me a little short-handed (as it were) in IDing her specific visual giveaway last night. In either case, bravo to our brilliant paparazzi and double bravo to Carmen for still looking incredibly hot enough for us to still feel tingly when we get to peek up her dress. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra Cleavage Is Forty and Faptastic

The veteran model and B-movie actress may be hitting some milestone in birthdays, but it's done little to stop her jaw-dropping performance still ongoing, and most definitely going on yesterday as Carmen Electra strode around West Hollywood in a dress that was clearly designed by a dude who loves the deep cleavage on the hot ladies.

Her color red alerting all oglers in the vicinity that a solid bit of boobtastic leering was to be had. So, we obliged. And drooled just a little.

We love us the veteran hotties who are still flashing their wares in the public square. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra, Forty and Faptastic (Happy Birthday, Carmen)

Yes, time marches on for all. At some point, everybody who reads this site is going to be taking an unclothed walk down the hall in the middle of the night and come to the disturbing realization that they just kneed themselves in their own dangling jewel sack.

Thankfully, the clock ticks slower for our sextastic celebrity friends, through a combination of genetic blessings, 90210 doctors visits, nutritionists, Pilates instructors, baby food diets, colonics, and a good bit of make up and wardrobe cinching, the ladies are maturing more faptastically than ever before.

Case in point, Carmen Electra who turned 40 a couple or three weeks back, but held off her birthday celebration until she could pimp it out commercial style at Vegas' Crazy Horse III over the weekend. And she looked all kinds of mature hottie birthday good.

Has it really been 15 years since she first broke big in Baywatch and on the pages of Playboy? It has, it has. Enjoy.

Jenny McCarthy, J-Woww, and Carmen Electra Pimp the Shizz Out of Vegas Over the Super Bowl Weekend

The two veteran boobtasc princess veterans Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra, joined relative newcomer to the Sin City pimping for cash tour this weekend with J-Woww throwing her cleavage into the promotional bucket, forming a trio of sextastic that lured many a man into doing things particularly unkind to his wallet.

Three girls, six flesh puppies, and free cocktails. It's a great recipe for creating some memories that ought to stay in Vegas. Enjoy.