Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra Fall Down Go Boom

You'd think that a woman who spends 90% of her time swinging herself around a stripper pole would have the appropriate level of balance required to successfully navigate a fashion show catwalk, but you would be wrong. I bet Carmen Electra thought that too, but she was also wrong.

Carmen was at the Max Factor Fashion Show, doing as "models" do, but as you can see, she had some difficulty with the whole complicated process. She also managed to take down fellow "model" Alison Sweeney, making for a nice little catwalk pile-up.

Trés fort, Carmen. Trés, trés fort.

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People’s Choice Awards Mega Picture Post

So, the 33rd People's Choice Awards were on last night, and, to be honest, I didn't really watch. I did the whole voting thing, but only about three of the nominees appealed to me, so I pretty much lost all interest right from the start.

Of course, it doesn't matter in any way, shape, or form who was nominated, who won, who was hosting or presenting. The only thing about award shows that really matters is the pretty ladies in sexy dresses. And in that regard, the evening didn't dissapoint.

Most notable attendees include Halle Berry, in a very shiny, very short, very open gold dress, Ali Larter looking flawlessly beautiful, and Emily Procter taking her low-cut neckline to the limit. Also looking great were Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, and Katherine Heigl.

Naturally, there were lots of other stunning stars there as well, and you can see them all, and all 162 pictures after the jump.
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2006 Billboard Awards Moderately Mega Picture Post

So, I started watching the Billboard Awards, and then I remembered I hate Award Shows. And then I remembered that Heroes was on, so I went and watched that, and had a much better night.

And trust me, even though you might think that Janet Jackson looking like the lady gremlin from Gremlins 2, Gwen Stefani looking like Egon Spengler from the Ghostbusters cartoon, Denise Richards looking like The Bride of Frankenstein, and Courtney Love looking like, well, Courtney Love would make for an entertaining show, you'd be wrong.

No, Award Shows suck, and the Billboard Awards suck really hard. That being said, there are still a whole bunch of pictures of all the ladies in attendance after the jump, so check that shit out.
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American Music Awards Mega Picture Post

The American Music Awards are useless. No one involved with them in any capacity is an actual musician, so it doesn't matter who wins what. A singular exception is made for Tenacious D who rocked the hizouse.

On a slightly more positive note, Jimmy Kimmel did a solid job as host, but how hard can it really be when the music industry is already one big joke.

That being said, award shows still bring out the famous ladies in fancy dresses, and that's always enough to get posted on Egotastic! So sit back, relax and get clicking, cuz this post will be way better than the AMAs. Why? Because it's silent.

Check out all the 226 American Music Awards pictures.
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2006 Teen Choice Awards Mega Picture Post

I feel dirty. I watched the 2006 Teen Choice Awards, and I really wish I could get those two hours of my life back. As if the lame speeches, and crap performances weren't enough, every other second was a bombardment of prduct placement and album plugs. If I have to hear another over-produced, under-talented "artist" ever so unsubtly announce when their record is "dropping" (like the piece of shit it is), I swear I'll fly down to Hollywood and mame them.

But as if all that wasn't bad enough, as if watching the youth of today succumb to the incessant dumbing down of pop culture turning their impressionable minds into mush, the producers of that retarded award show had to go and do the unspeakable. They let Kevin Federline perform. Of course, he was as shitty as you'd expect him to be, but for just having to sit through it, I feel like I'm already losing brain cells.

Sure it was my fault, I could have changed the channel, or even turned off the TV, but no, I had to sit and watch. So, yeah, I feel dirty. I feel unclean.

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Carmen Electra: Sybian Video from Howard Stern

So I don't really know if Howard Stern on Sirius radio is really the best thing to happen to radio, but it's definitely bringing the air waves one step closer to all out porn. Probably the biggest way he's doing this is by having various actresses and porn stars ride a vibrating machine known as the Sybian, live on the air.

In this particular video, Howard convinces Carmen Electra to ride the Sybian, and she gets well acquainted with it's pleasuring abilities. And while the world is watching Carmen get off on the air, reports that the incident may have cost her a cosmetics contract with Max Factor.

The busty beauty, who is the new face of the make-up company, was appearing on Howard Stern's show when she started "riding" the chair, claiming she was close to orgasm.

Max Factor is reportedly reviewing her contract.

She protests, "I thought I didn't do anything wrong.

"I didn't do anything vulgar. It was a chair. I sat on a vibrating chair."

Oh well. Easy come, easy go. Right?

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Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro are so Dunzo

This has been one hell of a week for celebrity break-up news. First there was Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber, and then Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett. And even though I wrote in my links list yesterday that I didn't care about whether or not Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro were still together, that doesn't mean I can't write about it. Especially, after receiving this bit of exclusive insider information about their relationship.

A source who was close to Dave Navarro tells me that he and Carmen Electra are definitely not together, and probably haven't been for quite some time.

Well as far as I am concerned (because I hung out with Dave three weeks ago), he's broken up with Carmen and wasn't wearing his wedding ring.

The producers were like "Oooh, come to the after party, Dave is looking for a night of fun if you know what I mean!" after I asked about Dave and Carmen's status (funny, my boyfriend was standing like 5 feet away haha).

They also kept referring to him and Carmen not being together, and they were trying to recruit girls. He was looking for some girls for the night, but when I was like, "What?! I love Carmen! They aren't together?" Then they'd get all hush hush with funny smiles and say they aren't saying nothing...

So there you have it. An eye witness to the not-being-togetherness of Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro. But if Dave's looking for some extra-marrital companionship, I wonder what Carmen is up to. Of course, if she ever feels the need, I'm always available...

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