American Music Awards Mega Picture Post

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bill-swift - November 22, 2006

The American Music Awards are useless. No one involved with them in any capacity is an actual musician, so it doesn't matter who wins what. A singular exception is made for Tenacious D who rocked the hizouse.

On a slightly more positive note, Jimmy Kimmel did a solid job as host, but how hard can it really be when the music industry is already one big joke.

That being said, award shows still bring out the famous ladies in fancy dresses, and that's always enough to get posted on Egotastic! So sit back, relax and get clicking, cuz this post will be way better than the AMAs. Why? Because it's silent.

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Angelica Bridges

Ashlee Simpson

Ashley Tisdale

Beyonce Knowles

Britney Spears

Carmen Electra

Carrie Underwood

Dixie Chicks

Gwen Stefani

Jenna Elfman


Kate Walsh

Katherine McPhee

Mary J. Blige

Nelly Furtado

Nicole Richie

Nicole Scherzinger and the Pussycat Dolls

Paris Hilton

Raven Simone

Sarah Silverman

Sharon Stone

Tori Spelling

Vanessa Anne Hudgens