Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio Is Leggy in Shorts

Brazilian model and card-carrying hot person Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted in some very short shorts in LA. She was visiting the Brentwood Country Mart when these pics were snapped. The shorts barely go past where her lady bits are kept. This means miles and miles of  lovely legs. We talk a lot about ta-tas and bootys here on Egotastic, but we're also a fan of a nice long pair of legs. Alessandra has some of the best in the business. Who wouldn't want those lovely ladies wrapped around them? The other thing that this outfit shows off is Alessandra's amazing thigh gap. There is so much space in there that you could practically park a SUV in between her thighs.

I was slow to warm to the thigh gap trend but I'm starting to see the appeal. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing it's probably healthier too. You got to give your junk some room to breathe.

Carmen Electra and Alessandra Ambrosio Headline the Hotties Out to Support the Race to Erase MS Gala

There's no better win-win situation than when the sextastic celebrities get all decked out, dressed up, and showing off some sweet hot body goodness for a solid cause like curing MS. I don't mind the phone calls and the mailing campaigns, but if you really want to make people feel good about giving, me in particular, give me Carmen Electra, Alessandra Ambrosio, Laura Vandervoort and other sweet lady treats smiling and preening for some check writing time. Like I could turn down a hot woman with a benevolent cause.

Were I a wealthier man, I mean, when they finally do get around to raising that minimum wage and I can run amok with cash, I'd like to surrounded myself with supremely fine looking ladies and make large donations to all of these righteous charitable causes. For now, I'm mostly limited to spare change into the collection basket. Give what you can, ogle what you will. If I wasn't scared of needles, I'd get that tattooed on my thorax. Enjoy.

Tallulah Willis, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kendall Jenner, Lindsay Lohan, and Tons More Coachella 2014 Hotties Pretending to Be Hippies

As you know, Coachella used to be an indie music festival out in the desert past Palm Springs a little ways. Now it's a mega corporate sponsored headliner act scene that features the likes of Beyonce and Pink and Gwen Stefani and I don't know, maybe Justin Bieber too at this point. Nevertheless, the more corporate and lame it becomes, the more it becomes a must-visit for pretty much celebrity under 30 (and Steven Tyler) to attend and dress in chic hippy wear and occasionally some nice boobtastic reveals during the warm days.

This year's evening part events and day time music scenes included the show off likes of Tallulah Willis, Lindsay Lohan, Alessandra Ambrosio and many others attending the Flaunt magazine shindig at night, and Selena Gomez, Ireland BaldwinKendall Jenner, Paris Hilton, Kesha, and many many more for the VIP grassy concert area.

It was a plethora of who's who in young Hollywood (and Steven Tyler) all pretending to be bohemians in the desert, or at least bohemians with makeup and hair stylists and designer chic wardrobes. Hey, you can only common yourself up so much. Some more skin would've been nice, but, hey, this is pretending to be Indie, so you can only get away with looking so hot. Enjoy.

Happy Early Birthday, Alessandra Ambrosio

When you're a celebrity, or at least, a wicked hot lingerie model, you get to celebrate your birthday over the course of many nights. There's no shortage of people who want to take you out for drinks and give you a birthday spanking.

Alessandra Ambrosio is turning 33, but not until tomorrow, which puts me on the first ever early side of a birthday wish. I'm typically two weeks late. The Victoria's Secret MILFtastic hottie went out to one of the hot clubs last night looking more sextastic than ever in a tight little black dress. As I've always believed, the truly good looking girls get even more alluring with age. Happy Birthday, blessedly hot creature from Brazil.

Alessandra Ambrosio Red Hot Cleavy Goodness Pimping Something Shmata in the Big Apple

I'm not sure what Alessandra Ambrosio is selling in New York, but I'm going to go ahead and just assume it's her devilishly angelic MILFtastic goodness. It might also be that dress and some silly designer clothing and whatnot, but really, let's be honest, the woman makes the dress. If that particularly woman made the 'undress', I'd probably not be able to type for some time, though sadly Alessandra did seem to restrain herself to just show off her cleavage and some tight, toned midriff from all those Pilates workouts we've spied her sweating out.

It seems pretty easy to be a clothing designer when you can afford the likes of Alessandra to come model your wares. She'd look amazing in a bed sheet barely wrapped around her stellar long lean female form. I guess somebody made a few more cuts and stitches to the bed sheet and is calling it high fashion, but we ogling gentleman know the truth. The birthday suit is the only piece of women's apparel worth the price. Enjoy.

Alessandra Ambrosio Works Hard for the Money Body at Pilates

I can scientifically confirm for you that you can't build a tight toned body merely by watching sports and drinking beer. If only you could. Alessandra Ambrosio may have been gifted with Mother's Nature special blessing of genetic goodness, but she like the rest of hottie celebrity world works to keep all the innate pieces in fine working order.

Like many of her peers, Alessandra relies heavily on Pilates to keep her long lean figure in sweet female form. Like many of you, I like leering at hot women doing Pilates. Which works out perfectly today as we get a chance to sneaky peek Alessandra in her revealing workout gear getting down to the fine art of body sculpting. That's not sweat you see on my face, those are tears. Bless you, Alessandra, for all that you show, including how you end up showing off so well. Enjoy.

Alessandra Ambrosio Drop Dead Leggy Gorgeous in Brazil

Alessandra Ambrosio always looks damn amazing, but somehow she still kicks it up one more notch when she returns to Brazil the conquering model hero to promote various products and fashion lines.

Alessandra was doing just such pimping down in her native country and flashing all kinds of seriously long and hot legs, the kind that cause me to lose myself in deep thought for hours to days on end. Oh, to be the man fortunate enough to shave and lotion those long stems. I'd turn it into something of a ceremony. Some candles, soft dentist office music, and some kind of chew toy. That would be to muffle my screams. I'm not sure I'd get through both legs, but I know I'd have a great entry for my diary. Enjoy.