Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio Sideboob Sextastic Hot Body in Glamour

Here’s a thought. Alessandra Ambrosio is just crazy hot. I mean, like mind numbing, mumbling, drooling, loss of body control and central nervous system permanent meltdown kind of hot. I’m not sure she’s even trying her hardest. She’s like Ali in the ring taking on a lesser opponent. Yawn, another day at the office without a bra or cover up and some sextastic revealing beach outfits in Glamour Magazine.

I do so love when glamour and faptastic cross over, as in these steamy delightful photos of the Brazilian supermodel and Victoria’s Secret mainstay promenading as if right out of several of my personal fantasies involving this MILFy mom. Her long lean and sultry body could probably heal most diseases if applied topical. And topically if shall be for my own prurient illness that can’t ever seem to be cured. Alessandra, I’m not sure who to thank for making you this way, I only know I’ve already brought the flowers and iTunes gift cards. I feel so grateful. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine

Kim Kardashian Deep Cleavage and Alessandra Ambrosio Long Legs Highlight the ACRIA Holiday Dinner

Anything for a good cause. Tis the season for charitable events, including the ACRIA dinner which raised money for AIDS research and hosted a number of decked out celebrities last night, most notably Kim Kardashian and her Yuletide deep deep cleavage and Alessandra Ambrosio and her Pilates toned all over show-off mommy body, everyone looking like a million damn dollars of lady fine.

I can’t even bust on Kim and her massive bust when she’s putting it to use for noble work. Suffice it to say, no charity has ever been damaged by the presence of sextastic celebrities in barely there dresses gracing their red carpet. If only I could get some positive responses to my Bill Needs a Sponge Bath annual charitable gala. So far, only Mickey Rourke has RSPVed leaving me feeling more nervous than hopeful. Just beautiful girls, please. Enjoy.

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Alessandra Ambrosio Doing Yoga In Santa Monica

Egotastic favorite Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted doing some yoga stretches in the park in Santa Monica. She was sporting some tight workout clothes that showed off those legendary curves. Oh yes, there is some serious downward facing camel toe in these pics. Her ta-tas also looked incredible in her sports bra and tank top. I appreciate the deep stretching and bending over of yoga but I do miss the boobies bouncing action of aerobics. I would totally go to a yoga class if they had people like Alessandra in them. That’s more of an incentive for me than gaining enlightenment or whatever. To me, Nirvana is a dangling pair of swinging bosoms.

Alessandra is hot no matter what she’s wearing. Last week she had on a two million dollar bra at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and today she’s in yoga pants and it’s just as sexy. She’s quite simply one of the hottest humans ever to bend over in a Southern California park.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet / GSI

Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio and a Bevy More Angels Backstage at the UK Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The lovely ladies of lingerie heaven moved over to the British Isles for the U.K. version of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. The British girls love their silk and lace quite a bit too, don’t you know. So Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio and a gaggle full of the world’s hottest lingerie models shipped themselves and their bra and panties over to England for a show of sextastic and elastic.

For some reason only me and my imaginary older man friend Bert truly know, I really love the look of the girls backstage in their kimonos perhaps even more than the show itself. Something naughty and cheeky about visiting these wicked hot women whilst prepping for their catwalk. Maybe it’s the idea of peeking where I don’t belong, or just that all my perfect job search result lead me to be oil boy backstage at a lingerie show, but I just feel at home. Oh, that this were my home. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Splash News

Alessandra Ambrosio, Jackie Guerrido, Rocsi Diaz And Others En Fuego At The Latin Grammies

I don’t mind telling you that I love the Latin Grammies. Not so much for all of the Spanish-speaking music world patting itself on the back but because it brings out all the hottest Latinas. As a Latino myself it is great to have a chance to ogle a wide variety of my people for a change. Perennial hottie Alessandra Ambrosio was on hand looking as boobtacular as ever. She was wearing an outfit with a plunging neckline so deep that it almost reached her hoo-haa. Oh, Lord was there cleav. Jackie Guerrido was there as well looking her usual sexy self. That woman has got some legs that are muy caliente, mi amigos. I wouldn’t mind one bit if those puppies were lying next to me on a cold night. Rosci Diaz had a dress on that was low cut so you could see her chi chis and high at the bottom so you could gander at her magnificent legs. Ay ya yay!

All in all it was a magical night. There were hotties too numerous to mention. It’s like los Reyes Magos came early this year to bring the gift of boobs.

Alessandra Ambrosio Simply Hot MILF In Mommy Jeans

You want to know the magnitude of Alessandra Ambrosio‘s hottness? She looks good even in mom jeans. No one looks good in mom jeans but she pulls it off. Alessandra is the incarnation, the Platonic form, of MILFatude. I would gladly F that mom. Sure, it’s nice when Alessandra is in a bikini or lingerie but she can’t dress like that all the time…unfortunately. There is something to be said for finding the hotness in the mundane. Plus, you can come up with all kinds of fantasy scenarios. Like she’s the bored housewife and you are the mailman with a package to delver. She tries to resit your sexy blue shorts but can’t. Then you rip off the mom jeans…you get the point. At least she gave us a nice view of her bare midriff. Alessandra gives very good ‘riff, (which is an abbreviation of midriff I just made up).

But seriously folks, don’t judge a woman by her mom jeans. Underneath those baggy light blue denims she might be packing some serious heat.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima Present the Victoria’s Secret Angels $2 Million Fantasy Bras

Hottie duo Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio were on hand to reveal this year’s Victoria’s Secret fantasy bras in Las Vegas. Adriana was looking sexy in a form fitting black dress that hugged the contours of that famous frame. But it was Alessandra’s revealing red dress that really got people’s attention. It had a plunging neckline that gave you a nice view of her mighty cleav. A slit on the skirt also allowed a nice look at those gorgeous legs of hers. Each one of the bras and matching panties is worth 2 million dollars. The two of them will sport these redonkulously expensive over the shoulder boulder holders for Victoria’s Secret catalog and runway shows. I’m not exactly sure what the appeal of a 2 million dollar bra is to the average horndog who ogles the catalog is or for that matter a regular Victoria’s Secret patron looking for a underwear.

I guess the point is to show off how much money the company can spend on diamond studded bras. I can’t imagine that those things are comfortable or offer very good support. Sapphires are scratchy.