Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio Sweaty Yoga Workout Peeks

I've come to realize that my new favorite workout routine is simply watching the stretching, preening, and muscling of some of the hottest sextastic celebrities. I don't have to sweat so much and I still feel the blood coursing through my veins like I've been really working hard.

Take for example Alessandra Ambrosio. You simply don't get a hot mom body just by wishing for it. Trust me, I wish for hot mom bodies every evening and they never seem to appear in my boudoir. Alessandra works it with the yoga and Pilates so popular in Hollywood. We too must do our part. By ogling her sextastic legs and applauding her strenuous routine. Without it, our world would be a little less hot. We can't have that. You go, Alessandra. We're counting on you. Enjoy.

The Victoria’s Secret Angels Descend Upon The Louvre

I might actually start attending more cultural and arts events if the likes of Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge, Maryna Linchuk, and Behati Prinsloo start showing up in their underwear as well. In fact, I'd watch the paint dry on walls if those ridiculously hot V.S. Angels were hanging out in bras and panties.

The lingerie promotional models created quite a stir appearing for a photoshoot at the Louvre, that fancy palace in Paris where some important pictures are hanging. And they made it all relevant the instant they dropped their robes and exposed their, err, wings. It was quite the heavenly experience. Finally, something you really must see when you visit Paris. Enjoy.

Alessandra Ambrosio Long Legged Model Show in Beverly Hills

With the weather heating up this week in L.A, the legs are coming out on many of our most sextastic celebrities, including MILFtastically gammed Alessandra Ambrosio who digs showing off her tightly toned lower limbs whenever and wherever possible. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a hot young Mrs. strutting down Rodeo Drive in a pair of white shorts, her tanned limbs like a beacon of the sextastic on full display.

Yes, I'm an unashamed, unabashed, and most often unrequited leg man of the highest order. For all of us hot long stem lovers, this is our season. Get the binoculars, pack the coolers, and most definitely bring some plastic sheeting, game on. Enjoy.

Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pictures for Your Skinny Hot Mommy Needs

Alessandra Ambrosio has been having quite the time back in her native Brazil this summer. A girl always feels like getting a little bit more showy when she's back at home it does seem. And Alessandra wasted little time in getting into one super tiny bikini to flash her hard Pilates worked MILFtastic form.

I must admit, I feel a little warm chill up my spin every time Alessandra Ambrosio bends over and shows off her above the booty line tattoo. Many many naughty ideas swirl through my head, like attempting a little tattoo laser removal but without the laser, just another energy filled device. Oh, how Alessandra would giggle. I do love to dream. Hot moms are such an inspiration. Enjoy.


Alessandra Ambrosio Leggy Loving Purple Madness Down Rio Way

Alessandra Ambrosio took her leggy hotness show back to her homeland for some promotional event where the theme was clearly purple. The theme should've been 'welcome home super hot mom with your amazing legs', but I guess purple was simpler.

Either way Alessandra Ambrosio stole the catwalk, the Victoria's Secret angel returning a conquering hero by showing off enough of her MILFtastic frame to make all the locals beg her to stay. But, nay, Alessandra's work is not yet complete here in Hollywood. She has many more ice cream cones to purchase and lick while in her skimpy outfits. It's not just a job, it's a critical community function. And summer is her busy season. Enjoy.

Alessandra Ambrosio Legs Sighting Signals Start of the Ambrosio Summer Gams Season

You know of my fondness for the hot stems on these very alluring women we follow. None more so perhaps than Alessandra Ambrosio, the wicked hot mom who not only works hard to tone her legs, during the summer season, nobody really shows them off more than Alessandra.

Hanging out with her daughter over the weekend, Alessandra brought out a tell-tale sign of the coming warm weather leg show she'll be putting on this summer once more. A shorter dress to give a hint of all good, long, and taut things to come. We do so love the legs of summer. I fully expect this to be the best ever. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday to the MILFtastic Mouth-Watering Alessandra Ambrosio

Oh, the pleasure this mommy gives us, how could we not offer up a birthday salutation to Alessandra Ambrosio, 32-years super hot today. A noteworthy model even in the high-standard pool of Brazilian models, aided by the fact Alessandra now calls L.A. home and frequently struts the streets and beaches in clothes revealing much of her super toned MILFtastic body.

Last night, Alessandra was out on the town for a little pre-birthday celebration, flashing some of those long tanned legs we want to worship day, night, and in person if possible. Such a feel-good mommy. I mean, I feel good ogling her. Happy Birthday, Alessandra.