Bella Thorne Getting That Vitamin D!

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Echo Lawrence - May 4, 2020

Bella Thorne has RECENTLY BEEN SPOTTED WITH RUBY ROSE when she is supposed to be Social Distancing, but based on my experience leaving the house these last 7 weeks, anyone under 25 walks right up on me and everyone else, so I guess they know they'll likely survive and the whole taking away their parties is dumb. This is "OK BOOMER" on crack. It all started with an "OK BOOMER" Meme, now look at us now, as all the boomers are fighting for their lives while ruining all that Millennial fun.

Bella Thorne is not stranger to being HOT on social media, the Disney Starlet definitely shifted her career from that Disney fame, to a social media, books, producing, directing. She's just involved in everything, it's almost exhausting but luckily she finds the time to lay out in the sun in a bikini, but also to document being in a bikini in the sun with that hot body of hers!

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  • I’ve always loved seeing Bella Thorne in a bikini, so long as she doesn’t stay out in the sun for an extended period of time and gets skin cancer.

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