Xenia Deli Lingerie Pictures Stand-In for Miranda Kerr and Standalone with Sweet Peeks

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bill-swift - June 12, 2013

I'm not sure if Xenia Deli, the hottest girl ever to hail from Moldova, is intended to be the brunette replacement for Miranda Kerr in the Victoria's Secret stable. Of course, nobody could ever replace Miranda Kerr.

But, after Montana, there was Young. Rogers after Favre. And other instances of legendary MVPs being replaced by next-gen MVPs, though that is sports. Which is hardly as serious as lingerie modeling, at least in my hierarchy of Things I Require to Live. Don't get me wrong, football is super important. It still ranks above Family and just below Beer. But hot girls in lingerie still surpasses.

And whether it be Xenia Deli or another world class ridiculously hot girl, somebody needs to keep the balls moving down the field. Enjoy.