Xenia Deli

Xenia Deli Wicked Hot Bikini Pimping

The hottest thing to ever come out of Moldova just got a little bit hotter as Xenia Deli took on the pimping hot assignment of modeling Luli Fama swimwear for their summer season spectacular.

I've been in deep lust with the deeply dark and alluring Xenia Deli since first I spotted her, at least since I first learned how to properly spell her name. I like to think she feels the same way about me, but that seems incredibly unlikely. Still, I'm told that dreamers own the world. And seeing Xenia and her perfect bikini bottom working so effortlessly to convince some untold number of women to buy these very same bikinis, well, I like to think that draws the two of us closer. Me and Xenia I mean. Not you and I. I feel like we're already too close. Enjoy.

Xenia Deli Puts the Ooh in Swimsuits (Yes, Say It Slowly)

I bet you didn't know there was a South Africa Swimsuit magazine. That bet excludes our readers from South Africa. Well, there is, and they've had the bright editorial idea to feature none other than Moldovan super hottie Xenia Deli on the pages of their periodical modeling various bikinis and swimsuits. Not a half-bad idea. In fact, it's all good as Xenia lends her dark and sultry bodily talents to a wave of lust inducement that if you felt at the beach, you'd need to make an excuse to dash into the water to prevent being banned from beach henceforth.

Xenia Deli is just one epic swimsuit hottie, topped only perhaps by ridiculously sextastic lingerie photos. And those topped only someday by the selfies the two of us will take together as we spend a lost weekend in my Red Roof Inn Suite with complimentary coffee maker. Oh, yes, we will be brewing coffee. Enjoy.

Xenia Deli Body Painted Naughty Hottie Goodness

You know I already had a major thing for Moldovan hottie Xenia Deli. Now that thing just got a whole lot bigger, you know, so to speak. The wicked hot brunette is all stretchy and body painted in these Ted Emmons uniquely shot photos C-Heads magazine looking all kinds of artistically enticing.

I'm not sure exactly what the motif of this pictorial is, outside of the theme of how much fun it would be to spend a weekend with Xenia in a hotel room with nothing but a bucket of edible body paint. That's how I'm interpreting this selection at least. Art is in the eye of the ogler. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Ted Emmons /C-Heads magazine

Xenia Deli and Catrinel Menghia Lead List of Bikini Hotties in S.I. South Africa Calendar Shoot

Ah, bathing beauties from around the world wearing skimpy suits barely covering their ridiculously hot bodies. Yes, please, I'll take two.

Moldovan hottie Xenia Deli and Romanian fashion beauty Catrinel Menghia are just two of the stellar female forms Sports Illustrated South Africa brought together to shoot a calendar for the benefit of all people trying to figure out what day it is in the coming year. Let's face it, with the invention of PDAs, the sole purpose of the wall calendar is to gaze upon super sextastic ladies whilst trying to put aside the more rigorous and rugged part of your day. I'd say these ladies are doing their job in that department.

Check them out and see if you're not already looking forward to 1/1/14. Enjoy.

Xenia Deli Crazy Hot Lingerie Pimping Photos

As if Xenia Deli wasn't already my favorite Moldovan ever, even better than all those fake foreign soap opera characters who announce they're from Moldova to sound exotic. Xenia is taking it to new professional heights with her Maddam lingerie photoshoot. Just wow.

It almost makes me never want to tell another woman again to shimmy out of her underthings. Not if they looked like Xenia. Of course, at some point, the request does have to be made and the planet has to be populated. But in terms of eye-catching, heart-pounding, ogle-worthy entrances, you can't do much better than Xenia Deli in a silky bra and panties. Enjoy.

Xenia Deli Bikini Pictures for Your Beach Time Peek Time

Xenia Deli is just getting all kinds of super duper hot these days for photoshoot after photoshoot, with her alluring looks and a wicked hot body that has become the toast of the swimsuit and lingerie modeling merchandise circuits. And, well deserved I might add. As if that needed adding. Just look at her.

Featured in the new Kom swimwear pictorial, Xenia Deli shows not an ounce of flaw, and about 120 pounds of pure perfection and she sizzles with her exotic Moldovan look and a body that has me ready to hit the beach this summer (just need to pick out the right binoculars, the ones with the more compact lenses so I get less death threats). Summer is here and the time is right for ogling Xenia Deli. Enjoy.

Xenia Deli Lingerie Pictures Stand-In for Miranda Kerr and Standalone with Sweet Peeks

I'm not sure if Xenia Deli, the hottest girl ever to hail from Moldova, is intended to be the brunette replacement for Miranda Kerr in the Victoria's Secret stable. Of course, nobody could ever replace Miranda Kerr.

But, after Montana, there was Young. Rogers after Favre. And other instances of legendary MVPs being replaced by next-gen MVPs, though that is sports. Which is hardly as serious as lingerie modeling, at least in my hierarchy of Things I Require to Live. Don't get me wrong, football is super important. It still ranks above Family and just below Beer. But hot girls in lingerie still surpasses.

And whether it be Xenia Deli or another world class ridiculously hot girl, somebody needs to keep the balls moving down the field. Enjoy.