Vanessa Hudgens Swimsuit Sideboob and Poolside Passion Play

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bill-swift - December 31, 2011

First, let me say, congratulations to us for mostly being able to remove the lucky bastard boyfriend from these Vanessa Hudgens bathing suit pictures as the former High School Musical star spent most of her Miami poolside time yesterday dry humping her boyfriend atop a chaise lounge chair, the two young lusters nearly inseparable as they put on a bump and grind show for the rest of the vacationing set in their vicinity.

That tawdriness aside, and, trust, it's not nearly as tawdry as we know Vanessa can get, the sextastic little brunette who we usually only get to see these days in hoodies leaving yoga, did manage some skin and flesh show in her sideboob revealing bathing suit as she did the seductive dance for her young mate.

While Vanessa Hudgens seems to have left her drinking and clicking reveals behind her, we can only hope that 2012 brings at least one apple-tini and young lust fueled accidental publishing of some more personal pics, because we know Vanessa has a deep-seeded penchant for the puerile photos. Let us hope. Enjoy.