Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Extreme Plunging Braless Cleavetastic in the Big Apple

Every day we’re seeing brunette petite hottie Vanessa Hudgens exiting her building on the way to her Broadway play. Every day she’s wearing something chesty and sweet and revealing and hiding her head from the waiting press. I don’t understand it. I mean, not the bosomy reveals. I most definitely get that part. Why the hiding of her beautiful face and the pride she should feel for looking so stellar in her sheer breezy braless outfits.

Today Vanessa probably has topped herself. At least her sidewalk work of the past few weeks. The combination of her low cut outfit and the lack of undergarments led Vanessa to be posing in the style of the European supermodels who do tend to flash much cleavetastic on their daily promenades and shopping trips. Vanessa’s own sweet ta-ta’s were on fine New York Spring display, like a Siren’s call to come and visit the Big Apple. Or at least come and take a peek at these perfect peaches. Now I’m just feeling hungry. Something’s grumbling. Just so hot, Vanessa. Enjoy.

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Vanessa Hudgens Goes Braless While Signing Autographs After “Gigi” Performance

There are certain things you can count on happening in this life. The sun will rise, birds will sing, and Vanessa Hudgens will go out without a bra on. It’s inevitable. I don’t know Vanessa personally but I do know that she hates wearing bras. I support the emancipation of her ta-tas from the confines of the brassier. After all, a nice solid rack like hers should be allowed the freedom to out and about in the world. While signing autographs after a performance of Gigi, Vanessa was showing a nice bit of cleav as she is want to do. She also had on a top that had in full view that other body part that Vanessa likes to show off: her bare mid-riff. And why not? If I was a) a hot girl and b) had a body like her’s I would show off my tight stomach too.

It would be un-American not to.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Vanessa And Stella Hudgens Shoot Themselves in Sexy Swimsuits

You can’t keep a good family down. Least not the hot sisters in the clan. I’m not exactly sure why Vanessa Hudgens and her teen sister Stella Hudgens were posing and posting in swimsuits and bikinis in a throwback type bikini bit of visual wonderment, but I’m glad they did. Certainly, they could find other hobbies, but at the end of the day, who would that serve? Certainly not us.

Vanessa has been a big thing now for a solid decade of Disney and post-Disney starlet-dom. Her younger sister Stella has had her turn on some Disney TV adventures and is working to land a signature role as the one that propelled her older sister in the circles of fame and sextastic. In the mean time, it’s just swimsuit selfies in the backyard. Works for me. If they ever take up knitting, all will be lost. Enjoy.

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Vanessa Hudgens Braless Incognito Adventures In NYC

The stunning minx Vanessa Hudgens has been full time in The Big Apple recently performing in her play or something legit like that I will likely not attend. She’s been seen daily on the streets of Manhattan outside her place though attempting ever so diligently to keep her face obscured or hidden beneath hats, purses, and other accoutrements of the incognito trade. I’m not exactly sure what this achieves, other than to send the paps into a frenzy trying to get a better angle. But, as solace to such camouflage, Vanessa has graces us nearly daily with various braless outfits highlighting the hippy fun nature of her persona. Also, encouraging me to jump around with the paps trying to get that just right angle.

Vanessa has always been that interesting combo of super demure in public constantly hiding herself, and rather showy on social media and in more private forums where she’s got a long and illustrious history of showing off some of her more typically hidden fun lady areas. That classic naughty librarian, if the librarian went without a bra whilst walking down the street. So, in short, the perfect librarian. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Vanessa Hudgens Peachy Cleavy Peeks in the Big Apple

Vanessa Hudgens has taken up residence in New York which is news to me because I thought we had an arrangement where she notified me any time she was be out of my L.A. gym ogling viewing perimeter. Apparently not everybody believes in following the rules as well as I do. Nevertheless, our east coast leering department did catch up with Vanessa rushing off somewhere in Manhattan braless in a low cut summer dress. Maybe that’s a spring dress, I’m not sure. I do know she’d look even better without it.

Vanessa has always been something of a hippy chick, so no surprise she’s flashing serious chest and hints of her lovely udders on any given Sunday. I can’t possibly stay mad at her for long. My general inclination is to forgive any good looking woman who features her chesty pleasures. A little leg and I’m all the way to us being even. Vanessa, I’m just happy that you’re happy. And not wearing a bra. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

The Vanessa Hudgens Cleavage Show And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her cleavage and some sideboob backstage at The View. (Drunken Stepfather)

And speaking of cleavage here are several examples. (The Chive)

Miley Cyrus and the Willis sisters protest having to hide their nips. (WWTDD)

Selena Gomez is pretty in a pink bikini in Mexico. (TMZ)

Laverne Cox and Jordana Brewster bare it all for Allure magazine. (Huffington Post)

Miranda Kerr wears some tight jeans. I mean TIGHT. (Hollywood Tuna)

Jennifer Lopez invites you to behold her booty. (Popoholic)

Vanessa Hudgens Flashes Stomach While Posing For Bongo

Vanessa Hudgens is the queen of the bare mid-riff. She, in my humble opinion, does it better than anyone else. She’s certainly had a lot of practice as I don’t believe she owns a complete shirt. All I know is that from the first time I saw Vanessa in that crappy High School Musical movie I was smitten with that abdomen. It’s seriously flawless. I want a cast iron bronze of her tummy to hang up on my wall of sexy art, that’s how perfect it is. It’s smooth and toned and totally free of blemish or stretch mark. How many ladies can say that? Not any I know. People like Vanessa live on a plane of existence where we uggos can only admire from afar.

I think I’m going to go watch that Spring Breakers movie because it features Vanessa in a bikini. What better way to start off a Thursday?

Photo Credit: Bongo