Arianny Celeste Wicked Hot for UFC Photoshoot

I’m in lust all over again for UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste. We’ve had the chance to shoot her on a couple occasions, and it is simply amazing how hot Arianna looks in person, not to mention photographs. So no surprise that her passion-inducing lingerie showy piece for UFC turned out 100% sextastic. Both the finished photos, and behind the scenes of her shoot…

I think I’m going to cry. I definitely need to be alone. Arianny has got it going on and on. Enjoy.

12 Things We Learned from UFC 155: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos II

Another New Year’s Eve(ish) UFC card has come and gone, and after the “Decision of the Night” bonuses have been handed out, and all the cougars in the audience have gone home to sandblast off their makeup, we’re left with some interesting learnings.

Here’s the takeaway from a card mercifully saved by its penultimate fight:

1. We didn’t miss Mike Goldberg even a little bit.  When we first saw John Anik instead of Goldberg take his place alongside Joe Rogan as color commentator, most immediately thought “hey, why did I just pay 59.95 for an FX card?” Quickly, however, the quality of the announcer came through, leaving few to countdown the days until Goldberg returns from his “personal issues.”

2. Leben and Brunson need some advanced cardio STAT.  Now most of us would last all of about 14 seconds in an UFC fight before taking a knee, but this curtain jerker was just not up to snuff.   Chris Leben gets a hall pass for it being his first fight back in a year, but former Strikeforce champ Derek Brunson has no such excuse.   He gassed out early, drawing the ire of President Dana White who said, “The other kid was looking at the clock like he was a 14-year-old waiting for school to get out the entire fight – looking at the clock.”


George St-Pierre Returns to Battle Carlos ‘The Natural Born Killer’ Condit in our UFC 154 Preview

It’s…..time!!  So says Bruce Buffer who will be the man on the mic this Saturday night at the PPV UFC 154 Card. To help get you ready for the return of GSP and the Natural Born Killer, we’ve prepared a little Cliff Notes preview so you can sound more educated amongst the throngs at your MMA party.

Champ Georges St-Pierre vs. Interim Champ Carlos Condit (welterweight-title unification)

Questions swirl around GSP as he re-enters the Octagon for the first time since tearing his ACL back in 2011.  But there’s no questioning that when he’s right, George St-Pierre is one of the baddest men on the planet – a JCVD clone sans stuntmen. He is quite simply the most complete fighter who has ever graced the UFC ring, and one would imagine a nice lopsided 5-round decision is in the offing for him.

But let’s not sell Carlos Condit short – or the path he took to the interim UFC Welterweight Title. The “Natural Born Killer” has that moniker for a reason – because he crushes opponents without mercy. But while Condit is a spectacular striker and submission specialist, he does struggle on the ground. So if GSP can take him down and keep him there, it looks to be a long night for Condit. Read more… »

Jim Brown, Tournament Format, One Glove Fighters: 7 Badass Facts About UFC 1

As George St. Pierre and Carlos Condit prepare to do battle at UFC 154 this weekend in Montreal, the crowd in attendance will be made up of affluent, knowledgeable fight fans (and even a few, gulp, women!) from around the world. The presentation and merchandising will both fuel a slick moneymaking machine that funds the all powerful Zuffa corporation.

But it wasn’t always this way. Not by a long shot.

Back in the day, the Ultimate Fighting Championship was down and dirty – a kind of freak show that appealed only to the hardcore, the under-employed and those trailblazing men who needed some kind of rebel background noise for their hotel-based bachelor parties.

Yes, UFC 1 was a totally different animal from the Joe Rogan-fueled rear-naked choke fest of today. And while many will argue that less Joe Rogan = more, there’s no denying the bloodthirsty, barroom brawl nature of the first Ultimate Fighting Championship event made it a completely different sport.

What made UFC 1 so badass?


UFC 146 Going Big with All Heavyweight Main Card

UFC 146 is bringing out the big guns this weekend as we get to see an entire main card filled with heavyweight fights. The Heavyweight title will also be on the line as Junior Dos Santos and perennial top 5 HW Frank Mir will go toe to toe. It will also be the debut of Shane Del Rosario and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, who are coming over from Strikeforce. Bigfoot will be facing former champ Cain Velazquez.  This should be one of the biggest cards this year and here is our preview for Saturday night. Read more… »

Former Friends, Better Enemies Square Off at UFC 145

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones, takes on former friend Rashad Evans at this weekends UFC 145 event in Atlanta. The two fighters have a serious distaste for each other and now the city of Atlanta is in for one hell of a treat. Read more… »

Exciting Fights for UFC’s First Visit to Sweden

The Main Card of UFC on Fuel 2 is loaded will high end talent and up and coming prospects. This is an event you really should not miss. Below is a preview of the fighters and their opponents as well as my prediction on who will come out with the wins this Saturday.