Jordyn Jones Back in LA with the Booty!

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Echo Lawrence - May 27, 2020

It is easy to forget who Jordyn Jones is because she's almost interchangeable with all the girls of social media with huge followings. We are at a point in our lives where you don't really need to have fame or notoriety for things you've accomplished or done beyond rocking your social media feed. That's not to say Kalamazoo's own isn't worthy of her success, it's more to say we have no idea what her success stems from, we just know it bought her mom a Land Rover, as we've followed her account!

This is a little Bike Short action, because as it turns out Bike Shorts, something I used to laugh at on every biker who wore them thinking "That dude takes biking way to seriously considering he's on a leisure ride with his kid", when on the right babe, are hot as hell.

So an article of clothing that was shameful, embarrassing, silly looking has now become an article of clothing I love and all it took was a bunch of young babes to start rocking them to show me the goods! I guess they are better without that weird penis protecting pads the bike shorts I used to laugh at all have. You know so we can get that good view Jordyn Jones is giving us!

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  • Ikke says:

    Dumbass tattoos? I guess she’s finally, truly on her way.

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