Kristin Cavallari Topless Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes

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Mitch Jablonski - August 20, 2019

You guys may not know this because, well, it's just not the kind of information the male mind retains, but Kristin Cavallari has a lifestyle brand called Uncommon James. While that may sound like a rapper, it isn't, it's a lifestyle brand. What the fuck is a lifestyle brand, you wonder? It's one of those things where a celebrity sits around and hocks expensive shit no one needs, like Gwyenth Paltrow's Goop horseshit.

The only reason I mention this is that she recently did a topless photo shoot to promote her brand because, frankly, what else are you gonna do for publicity these days. There's some behind the scenes snapshots in the gallery below, and you may be so inclined as to check them out if you're interested in seeing Kristin Cavallari topless.

Now, I'm being very careful not to say that you see Kristin Cavallari's tits. You don't. She's covering them/has her back to the camera in all of these pictures, so don't go in expecting a nipple or even a full breast. That's not part of Kristin Cavallari's lifestyle brand. Maybe one day it will be. That's what these celebs should do, sell nude photos at exorbitant prices. That might actually move some units, if you catch my drift.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency