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Charlotte McKinney In Sextastic Lingerie for Terry Richardson

The Terry Richardson photography train keeps right on rolling along, with lingerie and swimsuit models like wicked hottie Charlotte McKinney dying to get their clothes off for Uncle Terry's camera. Go figure. The world is a funny place. But there's nothing funny about Charlotte McKinney and her outrageously hot body in skimpy bits of barely covering lingerie in black and white and sextastic all over.

I'm pretty sure it's impossible to take a bad shot of Charlotte McKinney mostly nekkid. I sure would like to try. When my photos come out poorly, I can tell Charlotte it's not her, it's me. Then we'll both have a chuckle and make sweaty passionate love for the next seventeen hours. I'm big into momentum shifts like that. Damn, Charlotte, you are fine. Enjoy.

Ashley Sky Underboob Exposed by Terry Richardson Portraits

The models are still flocking to Terry Richardson for his special kind of magical photoshoots. While controversy surrounds the bespectacled shooter, there's no stopping super hotties like Ashley Sky from hitting his studio and finding creatives ways to expose her epic funbags. And epic they are, even from just a drooling leer at her underboobs I'm more than hooked on seeing the rest.

Ashley Sky is one of those sextastic Brazilian models who has generally flown under the radar. Well, at least people with pretty damn weak radars. I can't imagine she'd have ever escaped the high power scanner that is the Egotastic! rooftop belt of Orion scanners reviewing the entire planet's surface for evidence of all things sextastic. Like Ashley Sky and those underboobs. Out of this world. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Gets Sexy For Terry Richardson (Yes, The Girls Are Still Doing That)

Editor's Note: Let's get this out of the way. Many of you have written about posting Terry Richardson content on this site. Outside of being a creepy, kinky, fetish, drug-plagued monkey with raging hormones, which I think is a given, Terry's not ever been legally charged in any allegations. Maybe he will be someday, and my opinion of him will more from awkward and creepy alternative lifestyle photographer to predator who needs to be locked up forever. But, for now, the girls he shoots featured on this site all support him and say he's a helluva guy. He wouldn't be the first man to have both real female supporters and also a small number of real female victims. But that completely remains to be seen. In businesses such as photographing young models, there are bad things that go on, and accusations of bad things that are entirely false. I'm always cautious about trying cases in the media.

Now, about that Selena Gomez girl I lust so much. If we're talking about bad decisions, we could mention her fourth reconciliation with The Devil's Midget. But I'd rather just talk about how girly hot Selena looks in this Terry Richardson photoshoot.

It's simple and alluring and somewhat innocent, with a twist of naughty, exactly how I suspect to discover Selena is in real life when we vacation for a week in a Moroccan desert tent circa 2016. Hopefully, that twist of naughty is a relatively big twist. Selena, I am with you through all your horrible decisions. If it were not for your poor judgement, that Moroccan trip would be a completely empty hope. Enjoy.

Ebonee Davis Topless Treats Delivered in Black and White Terry Richardson Home Shoot


I'm not sure Ebonee is her given Christian name, but the model who goes by Ebonee Davis, hailing from Seattle, can call herself Bob for all I care with how wicked hot and alluring she is on camera, most especially without her clothes on this Terry Richardson photoshoot. I'm pretty sure this shoot was from before earlier this year when the mini-scandal broke around Terry Richardson and potentially some of his shooting studio private overreaches. Not that has stopped his continuing work, that career lucky bastard.

At times we get letters asking why we don't have more gorgeous women of color featured on these pages. Trust me when I say that I am completely infatuated and belusted by women from all around the globe, from all backgrounds, creeds, colors, and funbag sizes. But we bring you the best of what is out there, I can't really control what is out there to be had. I wish photographers and magazines and Hollywood in general would seek to increase the rainbow visual flavor of hotties as opposed to just traditional looks. I beg them to do so. Until such time, we will continue to do our best to bring it to you all, not for any socially progressive reasons, but just in the greater name of the sextastic, which is hardly dominated by any one look or land. Enjoy.

Mariah Carey Gets Into the Black Lingerie for Terry Richardson

Whatever the rumors and accusations of late swirling around Terry Richardson, it hasn't stopped celebrity hotties from heading back to his studio for some sextastic photoshoots of the simple, but memorable kind.

Take for instance Mariah Carey, and, oh, how I'd like to take her and her big motherly mammaries of delight. Mariah got into some revealing  ingerie for a swell reveal of her award winning boobtasitc. She seems rather comfortable in these photos. I guess when you're a veteran hottie like Mariah with the teats of Olympus it's easier to feel confident in any situation. I once again applaud Mariah's bravery, with a standing ovation and a golf clap for her curves. Just still a total yowzer. Enjoy.

Meet Marina Nery, She’s My Kind of Hot (and Terry Richardson’s Too, That Lucky Bastard)

It's always hard to identify Brazilian model ages, but best guess for Marina Nery, right about eighteen. She started modeling several years ago now, but made her big fashion week breakout in New York last month. And now that Terry Richardson has guided this fun loving sultry young model star into his loft clutches, well, it's only a matter of time before she's true big time.

While Terry denied us more risque photos of Marina, and that might have to do with the questioning of her real birthday, there's no doubt that this alluring female hottie is going to be soon following in the footsteps of so many wicked hot Brazilian models before her. We can only hope she's equally as free about her body as we are free in staring. Enjoy.

Lea Michele Bares Her Hips in V Magazine

I'm probably as tired as the next guy, or girl, with all the Lea Michele triumph over tragedy stories of the past eight months. But I tire less easily over seeing our sextastic celebrities in racy Terry Richardson photoshoots. That lucky bastard got Lea Michele into about as risque a poses and wardrobes as you are likely to ever see her for V magazine, including some nice shots of her dancer legs, hips, and even a little bare booty, which is off the charts showy for Lea.

One motto I've learned to live by is take what you can get. Let the interminable groaners care for what they can't have. With Lea Michele, I'll take a little booty peek with a smile, thank you kindly. Enjoy.