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Brooke Candy Takes Her Top Off For Terry Richardson


I'll say this for lucky bastard photographer Terry Richardson, his personal taste truly runs the gamut from the wicked hot to the, well, for some but maybe not for others perhaps. Let's put raunchy rapper Brooke Candy in that latter category. She's definitely got a distinctive look.

If you happen to listen to her music (you probably don't), she likes to talk a lot about her body and sex. Which, okay, fair enough. So when I focus on that about Brooke in these topless photos from Terry, I'm starting to see the appeal. The tattoos are a big anti-social, but I suppose once you get along with Brooke well enough to be seeing them up close and personal, you're probably already fairly heavily socially involved. Enjoy.

Georgia May Jagger Gap Toothed and Lingerie Clad for Terry Richardson

That lucky bastard photographer is at it again. This time he has Rolling Stone heiress and model hottie in her own right, Georgia May Jagger in his white-walled studio for happy fun time photos.

Georgia May gets down to a little silliness, but also some severe sextastic in her lingerie, flinging about the some good looks and some alluring expressions. It's enough to make me jealous of Terry, desirous of Georgia May, and all-around wishing I would tug on her suspenders just a little bit. Enjoy.

Cara Delevingne Takes Her Turn in the Terry Richardson Studios

Cara Delevingne is one of the hottest young British models around. I don't just mean she's good looking, I mean her naughty attitude and thick eyebrows have made her the favorite walking mannequin of pretty much every fashion brand aimed at teen girls, including Rihanna's clothing line which uses Cara to act wild in little outfits when Rihanna herself is unavailable.

Now, Cara has made her way into the photo clutches of Terry Richardson for a rather tame, but I'm sure fun time shoot. I'm taking from these photos that Cara likes to get a little raunchy with her public and private time activities. According to some reports, she also likes a little party powder, you know, so unusual for a young supermodel. Either way, I remain ever jealous of Terry Richardson and his black and white photo schemes. Enjoy.

Paris and Nicky Hilton Pose Leggy for Terry Richardson

Billionaire Barbie does not take kindly to all the attention girls are getting for photoshoots with Terry Richardson, so she grabbed her supremely boring sister Nicky Hilton and the two of them shot a something something with Terry in his studio. I'm sure Terry was excited to have a couple high-maintenance self-censoring sisters in his studios as opposed to those free-spirited edgy actresses and porn stars he usually shoots.

Nevertheless, the girls did put on something of a leggy show for their photoshoot, not exactly pushing the boundaries of naughtiness, but more so checking off their cocktail party conversation list checkbox for 'did a Terry Richardson photoshoot'. Enjoy.

Skin Diamond Topless Nursing for Terry Richardson Shoot


You may not admit it, but many of you probably know Skin Diamond from her more adult, hardcore, fetish type work. Heck, I don't blame you, I'm pretending I don't know who she is either. Or  that Ultimate Sin! starring Skin Diamond didn't just come out on video. What? That's not me talking and knowing that.

In any event, lucky bastard Terry Richardson decided to get adult star Skin into actually more clothing than she is normally wearing at work, though altogether still topless, for a little nurse cosplay fun time shoot in his studio. The results, well, you can see for yourself. Sometimes I think Terry does some of these shoots simply because he can, and to let us all know that. Game on. Enjoy.

Alyssa Arce Poses Bare-Arse Nekkid for Terry Richardson


As if you didn't think Terry Richardson was getting enough action these days with Miley Cyrus nearly nekkid, now he has hottie recenty Playmate Alyssa Arce getting actually really topless and nekkid in his studio for some simple white backdrop, but entirely bodacious bodied bare photos.

You may not have heard of Alyssa before, but I assure you after perusing these pics you will never forget her. That fine female form, just wow. If you've never been jealous of that lucky bastard Terry Richardson before, I'd say now is the time to start. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus See-Through Topless for Terry Richardson

Miley Cyrus can't stop. Don't you listen to her words? She won't stop either, if I'm not mistaken. I think she's referring to showing off her lean body as much as humanly possible. And just when you thought it would stop with a mere covered topless tease on multiple media fronts -- nay, here comes Miley in a see-through top photoshoot for lucky bastard photographer Terry Richardson. It's pretty much all there.

Say what you want about Miley Cyrus, but everybody is talking about her. Which means she's winning because that's exactly what she wants. So you can write me and tell me to stop giving her so much attention, but so long as Miley is flashing her boobs pretty much bare on camera, your emails are officially on ignore. Miley is here, she's bare, and she's in your face. Enjoy.