Miley Cyrus Leather Bikini For Terry

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bill-swift - June 26, 2015

Miley Cyrus and Terry Richardson are like a match made in heaven. The controversy seeking exhibitionist young diva and the photographer who delights in getting famous young women into compromising Polaroid positions. They could probably shoot all day with neither of them every uttering the phrase, isn't that too much?

In her latest work with Terry, a few sneak peeks therein, Miley goes for the leather bra to show off her fierce side and a top she loves to show off at every opportunity since turning eighteen. It's never clear if Miley is intentionally being highly showy or she's just a complete free spirit who cares not a wit about innocence, either way, it always seems to work out well for us gentleman oglers. I'll pay for the digital film processing. Keep 'em coming, Terry. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Terry Richardson

Terry infamously shot Miley behind the scenes of Wrecking Ball.