Sara Sampaio for Victoria’s Secret Looking Amazing!

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Tex Hollywood - March 12, 2020

Sara Sampaio the Portuguese born Victoria's Secret angel who has been working with the brand for a long time. I always positioned her as the Adriana Lima replacement, thanks to having the dark hair and light eyes, but also because they both speak Portuguese. Only Adriana Lima never retired at 30 as expected, so the brand had two of 'em. No complaints here.

I figure we all used to peruse the Victoria's Secret catalogs in our younger, pre-internet lives. So seeing the same style shoot, same kind of poses, different girl is nostalgic at this point.

So whether the brand is dying off, or over-inflated as they shut down stores and re-strategize, the lingerie pics stay the same. We're thankful for that because they feel like home.

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