Raffaella Modugno Wears A Fiery Red Thong Swimsuit In Miami

Oh, dat asstastic. How you move me in such spectacular ways. Italian brunette hottie Raffaella Modugno took to the new trend of one piece thong swimsuits in fiery red to capture the attention of the South Florida beach goers today. If I’m the representative sample of her audience, I’d say it worked quite well as I’ve not been able to remove my retinal cones from their laser gaze on her tanned booty for the past twenty minutes or so. A girl with a tan is such a luxury these days. A girl with a tanned thumper, well, manna from heaven.

The girls of The Boot naturally represent with the superb bottoms. It’s just a given. But Raffaella has been showing off the body all over faptastic the past couple of weeks. She’s not contending for a sub-category win. She wants the big arse trophy for the whole she-bang. I’d say she’s definitely a contender. Naturally, I’d have to ask her in person about her aspirational goals and why I should remember her come voting time. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Cassie Cardelle Sextastic Body Water Pimping Time

Cassie Cardelle may be loaded with all sorts of hidden talents, but the not hidden talents is where my focus lies today. Wow, this model knows how to wear a swimsuit or bikini or whatever you might call that bit of wardrobe you are quickly imagining Poseidon sending a rogue wave to remove for full visual wonderment mode.

Cassie is once more prancing hot hot little body across the beaches of Malibu for the checkered bottled water company. I’m pretty sure if you camped out on the beach there for the day you’d be witness to many of these lust inducing beach girl shoots. I know, because I often do that. Cassie Cardelle is the kind of girl that comes into your life and you simply never forget when you first met. Often because that awkward moment is described in detail in the restraining order. Those silly things. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet

Fernanda Uesler One Piece Swimsuit Hot Body Throwdown on Miami Beach

Interesting. Very interesting. Brazilian sextastic model and beach comber extraordinaire Fernanda Uesler opted to throw her hat into the hottest body on the beach contest in a bright one piece swimsuit rather than a bikini. Granted, this isn’t your granny’s boardwalk bathing suit. Nay, this sleek little body hugging and lady parts revealing number is quite fashion forward. Not to mention other things leaning toward the front as you ogle this fine Sudamericana transplant engaged in the most epic silent body battle in the history of beach-hood.

Fernanda Uesler isn’t just some ‘chick on the beach’. She’s a divine presence flashing her fineries in one-piece style. This could be a complete game changer. And, trust me, this is the most wonderful game ever invented. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News

Julia Pereira Have Sextastic Monokini Will Travel on Miami Beach

I have a feeling Julia Pereira and about forty bikinis, monokinis, and form fitting one piece swimsuits are just about settled in for the warm showy winter months in Miami. This Brazilian model is going to be a fixture along the South Florida shoreline, demanding her spot in the hottest female forms along the local strand be held in serious contention. Oh, Julia, you have no idea how seriously I’m going to hold your spot.

Featuring a sublime green monokini for today’s effort, Julia is laying down quite the benchmark of baseline sextastic that participants must exhibit if they even hope to compete in this asstastic boobtastic seaside body competition. It only gets tougher from here. I don’t even the contestants, but I do want to launder their intimates each evening. That’s how I roll. Solid work out of the gates, Ms. Pereira. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News

Cassie Cardelle In A Sextastic Swimsuit For 138 Water

Model and actress Cassie Cardelle was looking all kinds of sexy in a one-piece pink bathing suit while shilling for everyone’s favorite pricey agua, 138 Water. Cassie is seriously hot. Just look at those legs. One can imagine having those legs wrapped around one’s waist can’t one? I know this one can. She’s also got herself some serious funbags under that suit. I hope to see more of them in the very near future. What’s also great about these pics is the hint of camel toe that’s created by the tightness of the suit. Some people prefer a bikini to a one-piece swimsuit exclusively. I’m not that particular. Sure, a bikini is a wonderful thing but sometimes it’s what you DON’T see that makes something sexy. Just think back to the 90′s and Pam Anderson running on the beach in that red one-piece on Baywatch. Are you going to tell me that wasn’t the hottest thing ever?

No, of course not! So, let’s all take some time to appreciate the one-piece swimsuit today by ogling Cassie’s thingies in these pictures.

Kendra Wilkinson Shows Off Her Ta-Tas In A Black Swimsuit

Former “Girl Next Door” Kendra Wilkinson was displaying her magnificent funbags in a revealing black swimsuit on a beach in Australia. Kendra’s swimsuit had a zipper opening in the front that went down to her stomach, and it was fully unzipped. The result is some cleav for the ages. I remember watching her show back in the day and very much enjoying seeing Kendra flit about in skimpy outfits. Her spreads in Playboy were also a thing of beauty. I hear she’s back on the market these days. I’d like to think that some lucky bastard will sweep her off her feet and give her boobies the appreciation they deserve. That last dude is a fool for letting a once in a millennium pair of knockers slip through his fingers. As I recall her husband wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box.

What I do know is that I enjoy her chest puppies a great deal and hope that now that she’s single we’re going to be seeing a lot more of them.

Brina Chantal Sextastic Swimsuit Preening Earns Her Some Bottled Water Bones

Another day, another… well, you know the drill. The creepy Munsters at 138 Water have found themselves a new pot of model honey in the form of Brina Chantal, formerly known as Brina Moreno, but forever known in her relatively young years as a local L.A. latina sextastica model who’s getting a nice break from the bottled water folks in the form of an introduction here on Egotastic! It’s not every day you get to have millions of men and Sapphic leaning women simultaneously leering at your amazing swimsuit body. In fact, I’ve finally come to grips with the fact that it shall never be my time in front of the camera. Then again, Mother Nature didn’t tap me with the hottie stick like she did Brina. I think I got the smart stick? The sensitive stick? C’mon, throw me a bone.

At some point somebody’s going to audit this bottled water outfit and find nothing but empty warehouses and dead rabbits, but until such time, let us rejoice in their daily swell bodied photo shoots along the shore. And the meeting of one very fine young Latina model. Welcome to Egotastic, Brina, linger awhile. I’ll get the backgammon set. Enjoy.