Alice Eve is Flaunting!

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Tex Hollywood - May 21, 2020

Alice Eve, the 38 year old from UK who you know from being the daughter of two famous actors you've never heard of because you are not from the UK but you do appreciate their fun accents!

She is now a naturalized American citizen, which is important, because it means she's not stealing any American jobs. SHE is America.

She also has two colored eyes which I am sure is what you are looking for in these black and white pics for the magazine and not the other spherical body parts that remind you of your ANIME pillow you sleep with.

She was in Bombshell, never saw it. She was in Men in Black 3, never saw it. She was in a bunch of other movies I've never seen, which is funny because I don't do anything but watch movies but she's here right now and that's perfectly fine with me

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