Toni Garrn Models Sexy Swimwear for All Sisters (Before Misters, Amirite?)

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Mitch Jablonski - March 21, 2019

Until the day I die, anytime I see the name Toni Garrn, I'm going to immediately misread it as Teri Garr. It's a habit that I can't seem to shake, thanks to Teri Garr being branded upon my brain as one of the sexiest women of all time. That's not a knock against Toni Garrn, who can totally hold her own and compete for a similar title, but I just can't help making this mistake constantly.

Toni Garrn, not Teri Garr, is at the center of a sexy new campaign from a swimwear company called All Sisters, and frankly they couldn't have picked a better spokeswoman than Toni. She looks absolutely stunning in the handful of sexy suits they put her in, and it almost makes me want to buy one or two of these swimsuits for myself. I don't know what the fuck I'd do with them, but I'd like to have them on hand.

I guess that's the power of good advertising, convincing you to buy shit you don't need. That's sort of the entire game, and when you've got Toni Garrn in your corner selling you that message, it makes resisting that much more difficult. So go ahead, give in to your temptations. It's clear that Toni Garrn approves. And Teri Garr probably does as well.

Photos courtesy of MEGA