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Selena Gomez Pictures From Her Music Video Shoot Make Me Want to Squirsh Her Bieber

Look, I’ve gotten several letters from people claiming that I’m jealous of a bubble-gum singing dwarf, who may, okay, be worth close to $100 million according to recent reports. Well, I don’t care how rich Sneezy gets, Selena Gomez will be mine, simply based on lust factor alone. Who else will worship this barely legal Latina while she does such things as film her latest music video on the beach in a pair of Daisy Dukes that I would gladly dismantle from her delightful derriere? She must know that songboy Stuart Little will be gone with the wind once he turns eighteen, takes control of his duckets, and he’s free to move to Gstaad and body fondue with a versatile top ski instructor named Bernhard. Selena, call me. Our romance will last a lifetime of forty-eight-second-long passionate moments. Enjoy.

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Avril Lavigne Goes Bra and Panties For A Few Seconds of What the Hell Goodness (VIDEO)

Occasionally, I force myself to re-enter the world of auto-tuned pop music for the sake of bringing my favorite readers all the celebrity hotness that’s fit to be ogled. I seriously hope you appreciate how much bad music I endure just to share a sexy glimpse of the likes of Rihanna, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and, in this case, Avril Lavigne, but her What The Hell music video caught my eye. In particular, the first twenty seconds or so where the little sexy bomb bumps about in her bra and panties flashing her petite taut body. It was worth it, all worth it, but, seriously, if you’re listening past those first twenty seconds or so, I am not liable for any emotional or aural damages. Screech!

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Taylor Momsen Bra and Panties Pictures from Her Music Video Make Me Wanna Die… Happy (VIDEO)

I’m not sure what it is about this Taylor Momsen emo-goth auto-tuned fiery lingerie musical endeavor that makes me smile, but I can’t wipe this grin from my face. Perhaps it’s knowing how much unnecessary angst runs through the veins of this uber latch-key, precocious teen vamp. She’s angry. So angry. But, you know, when when you’re seventeen, hot bodied, no parents in sight, and you tour the world with your punk band drinking and smoking and partying as you please, well, it’s kind of hard to feel your pity, girlfriend. Still, if all this poor-little-rich-girl struggle produces more of the statuesque Nordic teen in music videos stripping down to her sexy underthings, well, bring on the pity-party, my dear. Enjoy.

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Katy Cocktease Is Our Teenage Dream! (SATIRE VIDEO)

Well, it was only a matter of time before the Katy Cocktease frustration level grew to the point of demanding a release, here in the form of a music video spoof that we just love. Enjoy.

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Selena Gomez All Wet and Sexy in A Year Without Rain (VIDEO)

Well, the video came out for A Year Without Rain. It’s one of those songs that can be, and has been, recorded by anybody and everybody with a pop diva status and a skilled recording engineer. Still, forget the music, Selena Gomez is ridiculously hot! We’ve talked about the Barely Legal Class of 2010, well, the valedictorian of sexiness goes to Selena Gomez. Sure, many close runner-ups, but just look at this sextastic young Latina, finally showing a little cleavage, all wet and emoting. Did I mention that she’s hot? Sure, I have no idea what this song is about, except for the part where she sings, ‘the monsoon is coming‘. That part I definitely understand. Enjoy.

Hot Stills from the Music Video Shoot:

And A Year Without Rain Music Video:

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Shakira Flashes Golden Thong Hotness On Set of New Music Video

The world’s hottest midget has done it again. Seriously, Shakira is one smoking hot little person. Here’s a day in the life of her new music video shoot: dress sexy, spin and gyrate and dance around in front of a hundred dudes with cameras and some just pretending they have a job on the set. Oh, yeah, also flash a little thong just above that amazing booty, just below that muscular bare midriff. I’m not exactly sure what she’s doing with her hand to the little peeing boy sculpture, but I’m quite certain that I’m jealous. Enjoy.

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Megan Fox Ignites! Rihanna Emotes! First Look at Eminem’s Love The Way You Lie (HD VIDEO)

I’ve never been a big music video fan; they’re usually like college art films, I don’t get them, and unless there’s serous skin, I don’t want to eat the healthy snacks they serve in the theaters that show them. But the new Eminem music video for Love the Way You Lie, well, that manages to combine the super sexy Megan Fox, and the luscious-lipped Rihanna, sort of a perfect storm of hotness. I still don’t get the video, I think some redneck dude is beating on Megan Fox, maybe for marrying that unemployed actor. Or losing her Transformers gig. So Rihanna licks her glove and watches their house burn. Best I can figure. Check it out.

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