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Nicole Scherzinger Wet, Taut, and Hot in New Music Video

Nicole Scherzinger is coming into her own, professionally speaking, and coming into her own, ogler-speaking, as she flashes more and more skin in her entertainment fare. Bodies like Nicole’s don’t just grow on trees (but, damn, if there were a tree like that, I’d be swinging from it on a rubber tire) and it’s on full display in these promotional photos from the making of Nicole’s Wet music video, a craptastic piece of musical shlock that is actually worth watching with the sound off because Nicole is just that hot. Enjoy.

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Jennifer Lopez Wet and Wild and Hot All Over for New Music Video Shoot

Jennifer Lopez is looking downright smoking spectacular these days since dropping a quick 140 pounds in the form of her gaunt gaucho husband and turning her pending divorce into an opportunity to invoke the greatest revenge — looking extra hot and sexy. Such is the case on the set of her new music video where the hot-bodied super MILF gets all wet and wild in From Here to Sextacity form and makes us all wonder how we can possibly get on her shortlist of potential new part-time lovers. Enjoy.

Beyonce Wears Sexy White Lingerie in Her New Video, “The Best Thing I Never Had”

I can think of many best things I’ve never had. One would be a nice clear shot of pop diva Beyonce fully and delightfully nekkid. However, in consolation, these stills from Beyonce’s music video feature the strong-bodied singer and dancer in a nice little bit of white lingerie which flatters her delicious curves. All women really should have curves; I think men’s eyes do not work well with straight lines. Enjoy.

Rihanna Awe-Inspiring Hotness in %u2018All of the Lights%u2019 Hi-Res Redux

Big time shoutout to Egotastic! Superfan and all around Dutch dude, ‘Felix E.’ for sending us some startlingly high quality re-re-redo’s of the sultry and boobtastic Rihanna from the Kanye West ‘All of the Lights’ music video. When we originally saw these still in lower quality, we were still awed by how amazing Rihanna looked for leering delights, but, now, seeing these high res redux, wow. I mean, wow. This may be the best we’ve ever seen Rihanna, and we’ve seen a whole lot of hotness from the Barbadian diva these past couple of years. Lust inducing factor times bazillion. And, blastoff. Enjoy.

Rihanna Super Sexy And Singing About Her Bed (VIDEO)

Rihanna looks ridiculously sexy in her new music video, and, her just singing about a bed, well it’s almost too much to bear. While Rihanna music for me is something of an acquired taste I hope never too acquire, I must say, ‘California King Bed’ is probably one of my ten favorite songs of all time based upon mattress size measurements. And, regardless, Rihanna looks super hot and I don’t care to hear any anti-Rihanna arguments, not today, not when she’s showing off her fine body in some thinly veiling clothing and crooning about being lonely. I just want to give her a hug. A big wet naked hug. Is that so wrong? Sing on, Barbadian song bird. Enjoy.

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The Beyonce Hot Body Conundrum: Will Jay-Z Murderize Me For Coveting His Wife?

It’s hard to get good photographs of Beyonce these days. I think she’s gone into some kind of hiding. The more they report how many bazillions of dollars Jay-Z is worth, the more Beyonce seems to disappear. I could just be imagining things, I am prone to hallucinations and Olde English 800-induced delusions, but I really miss the ultimate curvy, thick-but-hot sultry Beyonce strutting around something fierce. So, when we did get a chance to ogle Beyonce in a sheer costume flashing some leg on the set of her new music video ‘Til the World Ends’, I got aroused (intellectually speaking, of course). Not so much for the shoot itself, but knowing that we’re now on the inevitable course toward another Beyonce album release and the inevitable body-flashing music tour this summer which is sure to produce some wonderfully skin-baring moments. Put me down as a big time Beyonce body fan. I don’t care if Jay-Z can afford to kill me 87 million times over; I will continue to cover his wife. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice Begging on Your Knees Music Video Stills; Oh, Yes, There Will Be Begging

What can be said of Victoria Justice and her singing talent? Well, she’s hot. Amazingly hot. What about her pitch, her tone, her musical sensibilities? She’s ridiculously sexy. Yes, I so do not care if Victoria Justice can reach the musical mountain tops known only by names such as Mozart and Gwynneth Paltrow. I just want to ogle her day long, night long, then once again in the morning before sneaking out of her room. Victoria Justice is going places, and titling your breakout starlet song, Begging On Your Knees, well, that’s just a nice bit of foreshadowing. Enjoy.