TGIF: Billionaire Barbie Struts in Pink on the Set of New Music Video

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bill-swift - July 30, 2010

Where will Billionaire Barbie go next? St. Tropez for a swinging beach party with Ken? To the disco to show off her snazzy new underpants? Or to Spain to film her very own music video?

These Paris Hilton skimpy swimsuit pictures are from the set of her music video; that's right, Billionaire Barbie is coming out with her very own musical concoction. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that the three words that will come to describe this album are: lame, stupid, and auto-tune. Nevertheless, once again, we are forced to admit that nobody has more fun than Paris Hilton. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, as Robin Leach used to say.

Photo credit: Fame