Movie Premiere Posts:

Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Bilson, and Jennette McCurdy Hottie Girl Power Up ‘The To Do List’ Premiere

Here's one thing you can count on. Any time a common piece of everyday life lingo is translated into a film, it's going to be a chick flick you probably don't want to see. Marketing executives seem to think that women will respond to movie titles with the name of cute little novelty names. They're pretty smart people, so they're probably right. Still, this Aubrey Plaza flick The To Do List could've been called High School Girls Trying to Get Laid Before College and then girls would not have to drag their boyfriends to go see it when it's out in theaters. Just saying.

Nevertheless, a chick flick always does bring out the chicks, and that's a good thing, like the film's lead Aubrey Plaza, along with her buddy Rachel Bilson and ever perky Jennette McCurdy. You could do worse at your home movie night than having these three lovely ladies running around your digs. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Hot Cleavage for ‘Frozen Ground’ Premiere in London

I feel like the Alaskan serial killer movie Frozen Ground has been in the making for several years now. About as long as I've lusted for the minxy naughty hotness of Vanessa Hudgens, who stole the red carpet last night for the film in London with her sweet deep cleavage and killer good looks.

Vanessa Hudgens has been coming into her own this past year, what with Spring Breakers exposure and all the hard sweaty workouts to get her one of the finest petite frames in Hollywood. So, yeah, girl, show it all of on the red carpet. You deserve it. WE deserve it. Enjoy.

Jesinta Campbell Open Top Cleavage Makes Man of Steel Premiere a Sydney Must-See

By now you know I was not a huge fan of the Superman film series reboot. I will not apologize. I mean, if you're much bigger than me and angry and in my face I will, but in general, I stand by my assessment. However, this does not mean I shall shirk on my responsibility to bring you all the hotties from the premiere catwalks for the film around the globe. Including Former Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell, who attended the Sydney opening of Man of Steel in a rather revealing top, revealing ample amounts of her blessed pageant winners.

Now, bringing out exhibitionist hotties to your film premieres won't change my opinion of your underlying movie, but it will certainly make me respect you as a showman, err, show-woman, err, show-person. In this manner, everybody wins. Enjoy.

Sandra Bullock Still Bringing Heat at Movie Premiere

While Sandra Bullock has basically pulled herself from the higher profile world of sextastic celebrity these past few years, diving deeper into mommy-hood and movie producer roles, let's not forget that even at 48 the veteran cutesy movie star can still bring a little heat when she wants to, like for the premiere of her film The Heat in New York.

Now, a buddy cop movie with Melissa McCarthy sounds like 120 minutes of sheer pain to me, but I won't hold that against Sandra who has been making many men wish they were her girlfriend for going on twenty years now.

We love it when a long-timer shows up strong. Enjoy.

Amy Adams Delivers Cleavetastic Performance at ‘Man of Steel’ Premiere

Going to see Man of Steel today? I can not wait. I'm geeked. For among other reasons, another chance to see the ever-charming (that's what they call actresses who don't get nekkid) Amy Adams. She is a treat onscreen, and off. And at the film premiere last night, even got a little wild for her own self, bringing a nice amount of cleavage to the party.

Now, were I Zod, I'd have Amy bow down in quite a bit less, but, in the Amy Adams visual lexicon, a little cleavage rises toward the top of of the pile. For she is but a PG-rated woman living in our very R-rated minds. (Just be thankful I did not include all the things I'd love to do with Amy in my Fortress of Fapitude.) Enjoy.

Angelina Jolie Striking in Black at ‘World War Z’ Premiere

While still trying to figure out why zombies cause spontaneous combustion to occur in buildings and world landmarks, I have to already credit World War Z for bringing (back) out Angelina Jolie, who looked like exactly one million dollars last night at the London premiere. This is Angelina's first real public showing since her big double mastectomy announcement. And she rose to the expectation level.

We may never see the old show-off Angelina again. That kind of went away a while ago as it is. But there's no doubt Angelina has plenty of sextastic left in her tank. She's definitely very much in my personal zombie escape plan. Enjoy.

Heather Graham Still Got the Cleavage Mojo Working at ‘Hangover 3′ Premiere

Here's to hoping that Hangover 3 re-captures some of the brilliance from the original and ties it all together in a neat little cinematic package. And here's to even greater hoping that Heather Graham will be sitting next to me in the theater letting me share some of her popcorn. And, by popcorn, of course, I mean her still delicious looking body that was on display last night at the Hollywood premiere of the film.

Now, some of you have been leering at Heather Graham since her teen coming out hottie party in License to Drive with the two Corey's back in the 80's. Others since Boogie Nights for sure. And some newcomers since seeing her in About Cherry. Either way, you've felt the rush of Heather Graham inspired tingly happy feelings. They really never go away. And at 43, she's still delivering the very same. Good on you, Heather. Enjoy.