Rita Ora Living the American Dream!

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Tex Hollywood - May 25, 2020

I realize that today is Memorial Day and in it being Memorial Day the last thing we should be celebrating is some British Celebrity and her hot selfies, but the truth is that Rita Ora is the American Dream.

She came over the pond to America with a hefty American Record deal. She dated a Kardashian which is the American Royal Family. She lived in LA, went to all the events the industry had to offer, was in the paparazzi. She hosted TV shows, she did "influencer" ad campaigns.

The American Dream is for everyone, it's just the most influential country in the world, so even British Celebrities only fully reach their peak when they make it in America.

Sure Rita Ora may not have many hit songs, she's no where near where Rihanna or really any of the pop stars are at, but she matters and not just because of her awesome body!

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