Michelle Williams White Hot Channeling Marilyn for GQ

Michelle Williams is one of those rather serious (and talented) thespianics who can move you with her work on the screen, and, more importantly, move you with the removal of her clothes on the screen, making her a double threat and a recurring Egotastic! favorite.

And while the chameleon like actress does that thing where she tries to downplay her female hotness in favor of being taken seriously for her craft, every now and then she lets the sensual dogs loose and shows a side of herself that puts us beside ourselves with lust, as in her new pictorial in the upcoming edition of GQ magazine, where Michelle takes one last crack, and one amazing crack, at channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe for the pinning up of our libidos. Yep, it works. Enjoy.

Check out the full article on Michelle in GQ, or visit the slideshow for the full set of pictures.

Paula Patton Sextastic Mission Possible in GQ

If you’ve never considered the previously underrated Paula Patton in one of your own personal top hottie lists, the time to reconsider is most definitely now. Not only did the sultry hottie steal the show in various flattering outfits in some kick-ass scenes in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but Paula’s promotional campaign around the film’s release now sees her in numerous sexy magazine pictorials, not the least of which is the January edition of GQ magazine, where the slim, sleek, and passion inducing thespianic just hits an 11 on the 1 to 10 scale of hotness. 

We expect this breakout role for Paula to lead to many more acting gigs in 2012, we can only hope it also leads to her breaking out of the clothing, albeit tiny, she’s currently featuring in her photoshoots. Enjoy.

Paula Patton, the sexy star of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol strips down and dishes to the January issue of GQ on what it was like on set of the new movie:  “I was doing physical stunts,” says Patton excitedly, “feet in the mud, fingernails full  of dirt, shooting  and fighting for  my life.” 

Be sure to check out Paula’s completely revealing interview in this month’s GQ magazine.

Lady Gaga (Covered) Topless and Styled Up the Wazoo in GQ India

You gotta say this for Lady Gaga, she doesn’t take dull pictures.

Featured in this month’s GQ India, the brand new multi-bazillionaire  now enters her third full year of worldwide superfame doing pretty much the same thing she did in the beginning, trying to be as interesting looking as possible. Give them something to talk about, as they say.

And Lady Gaga does deliver on that premise yet again in this pictorial, looking, well, looking interesting, and never looking like she likes to wear clothes. Enjoy.

Daisy Lowe Freshly Single and Smoking Hot In German GQ

So terribly sorry to see Dr. Who out of the picture, but that leaves my superior lust crush, the young brunette model Daisy Lowe, up for grabs in the romantic mating pool and I very much intend to make my move. We will be so happy together, winters in the South of France off shore on the S.S. Egotastic!, and summers with Gwen and newly discovered dad, Gavin, out in Malibu. Oh, how we will make many many babies.

In the meantime, and related to the making of the babies, eligible hottie Daisy Lowe flashes a bit of her modeling brilliance in the German edition of GQ magazine this month, showing once again why she may be the hottest looking ‘girl next door’, all naturally super hot. Talk about priming the pump. Enjoy.

Rihanna Ever So Sextastic Behind the Scenes of Her GQ Photoshoot

With voting still ongoing in the Egotastic! Hotness Awards, we can’t tell you who is in the lead for ‘Hottest Diva of the Year’ in our awards, but we can sneak that Rihanna is definitely up there in the voting. And if you ogle these ridiculously hot stills of Rihanna behind the scenes of her currently out GQ photoshoot, you might just want to cast a vote in her direction. The underboob views alone ought draw the online, if not reflexively anatomical, votes of all man-kind.

It’s been a pretty amazing run of sweet sultry and exotic reveals from Rihanna in 2011. We can only hope that the coming year brings even more. Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli Drops a Monster Dose of Poolside Hotness in GQ British Style (UPDATED)

UPDATE: GQ politely requested we not sneak their Bar Refaeli pictorial from January quite so soon, so we removed them. But, behold, the power of positive thinking, and fortuitously sextastic event unfolded with the visualization of the above Bar Refaeli pictures from Women magazine in Spain.

It’s like losing your man-junk in an industrial accident and an even bigger one grows back in its place. It’s just like that. 

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

Here’s what I know about Bar Refaeli in her new pictorial for GQ UK. She’s super hot, she’s wet, and, well, that’s all I really need to know to get hooked.

The sextastic Israeli model is simply my favorite tool in the hottie toolbox; just ready to go on any number of jobs, always handy, as it were. Ever since dumping her beard duties and returning to more conventional making of the sexy with dudes type activities, I’d swear that Bar has become even hotter than before. Is that even possible? Take a look for yourself at this poolside glamour photoset of a stretchy, curvy Bar and see if you don’t agree. Enjoy.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely Sexy Slinky Stupid Hot for GQ Russia

This certainly has been a year filled with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sextastic photos (and one big bad hot movie performance); no shoot this year perhaps hotter than the GQ by-the-pool pictorial which the magazine has been slowly leaking out outtakes of through its various international outlets over the past several months, the most recent hot cut-ups appearing in the Russian version of the journal featuring the former V.S. Angel in some ridiculously teasing and lust inducing poses.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Spencer and Marks in Paris

Splash News

There used to be some Rosie backlash going on in these here parts, but now it mostly seems to have settled down into quiet, private time fantasies of the hot, lean, lithesome, and ever-delicious looking Britty model. In fact, we included some shots of Rosie from yesterday’s celebration at the Spencer and Mark’s Store in Paris, where the sweet-lipped young model served as special pimpstress to the high-end retailers parade o’ merchandise. Enjoy.